Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 10th Of February 2012

Shane French /

February 10, 2012



Hey all,

Let the Cicadas sing!!!

It has been a very busy week for me on the water as I guided out of Huka lodge and also did some work with a group of Great Aussie boys!!

First Huka. I love guiding these clients as they normally have very little knowledge of fly fishing and are just keen to give it a go. I spend a bit of time on the Waitahanui with these guys as it is easy walking and there are a few nice fish to be seen. Lets face it, if you can see trout then at least you have a chance of hooking them. I had a brilliant lady client On Monday who hooked and lost a good brown trout and dropped two nice Rainbows as well, all on the dry fly. The Brown was a fantastic trout and really hit the dry hard, big fish, tight conditions and a five weight rod, don’t stack up for any angler. There are heaps of little fellows in there too and so just drop your pattern size and you should have some fun on light gear. Then of course there are the big fellows in there.

The Hine was hideous and I got skunked in here on Sunday the 5th. All other anglers that I talked to where struggling too. Its always good to hear that :)  :(

I am in the Hine tomorrow and so will be looking for something I have noticed in both the Nui and the Tongariro, HEAPS of smolt, Little baby Trout.! This I have noticed in both of these rivers and in my opinion is bloody great! It was obviously a successful breeding season. I am especially pleased with the Nui, heaps of the little guys swimmin in the shallows and quiet spots, Id go and feed them if I knew what they ate :)

However I didn’t see, or take notice of the Nine and this river I am very interested in! So tomorrow, when Alana drags me there, to show her how to fish, I will have a look, and let you know.

Bob buddy! Miss ya man, haven’t had the please of you company for ages, hope all is well and that leg gets better!  Chris says to harden up :)

So the Aussies!

God I love Aussies, they are more passionate about their fishing than any other country out there, and in general, (we all have arses) are a damn good bunch of people.

I have a group that have come over once before. However two of them I have guided individually as well, so we all knew each other and have spent heaps of time together.

Two of them on their last trip had NEVER picked up a fly rod before and one of those had never had really done anything fishing before in his life. The other one had a 2 Tonne truck crush him a few months before he came over and was soooooooooooooooooooooo , (get it) lucky to survive it was not funny. Both went back home last time and practiced, got casting tuition and came back this time, better prepared and with some damn good skills. Both Phil and Mark are the reason I love guiding, the joy they had in hooking up is a huge buzz for me. The epitome of why I enjoy my job, you two!

Then we have Craig the hypochondriac, (thats gunna hurt,  but I can hear Phil laughing now), Chris the smasher of rods  and girly screams on Raft trips, :) and Keith the only bloke I know who can smash their knee on a Tongariro rock and smile about it! This was the team I was entrusted with to fill expectations of ten pounders and trout in general.

The Tonagriro:

Guys there are heaps of trout in there, (I can see Ross swelling up now, yes you can steal this!!) Good numbers of Rainbows in here as well as the odd gigantic Brown. We found that a big dry fly slapped down on the water was hard to refuse when the fish wanted food. Creel Store on Taupahi Road have a bloody good selection of dry flies, seriously I wouldn’t look past them!!!!!!!!! Keith dropped a 6+ pounder in the upper section and another good rainbow just after that. We then landed a great little 3 pounder from a back flow. Mark landed, (in his net, God knows how!!!!!)  a wonderful rainbow that was in awesome condition for its 3.5 pound size. The boys on this day hooked a few! Move if you are not getting onto them, seriously guys they are not running trout and so you have to find them!

We then rafted down the Mohaka the next day from below the Waipunga Confluence down to the Te Hoe. I had huge expectations on this section but was very disappointed with the overall outcome of the fishing. There have been numerous MASSIVE slips blocking the entire river and cutting the flow off, for some considerable time. This and the silting from the slips, have left this section fairly empty of trout!! I used Mohaka rafting for the trip and can only say that they are amongst the most professional Rafting crew I have dealt with. The trip down is amazing, with some fantastic views and if you want to get wet, this is a good trip for you. 10 out of 10, Mohaka rafting, for the service provided.

So today, Friday the 10th!!

Phil needed a trout or he was going to cry. Craig was dealing with a groin strain that he wanted everyone to rub, Chris needed a trout too and was going to beak another rod if he didn’t get one, Keith was trying to be brave with a knee like a watermelon and Mark who can disassemble a wading stick faster and cooler than anything I have ever seen… They all need a good time and some trout. The epitome of fly fishing is having a trout drift up and inhale a large dry. Mouth open, perfect glide and in full view is something that pumps the blood faster, I had a stream in mind! Most Aussies don’t appreciate the size of dry flies we throw to our trout, until I tie one on.

So we got there a bit late 10.00am but the Cicadas, (that yes I understand are bigger in Australia, sigh) were chirping away. First off it was Phil! seriously if he didn’t get a trout today I was going to cry for him :) i had a special place for him, so placed him there and on his third drift he picked up a great little two pounder that glided up and sipped it in. He didn’t strike, but just took up the slack and was hooked up. Whew!!!! Next was Chris. Now this guy can fish and cast so the fact he had struggled to get onto trout was a little puzzling. Being an accountant he counts his trout too, (wasn’t hard to count to zero bro haha) Love ya…. Yes he picked up trout and did a bloody fine job at it too, great fisherman! he has some pics from a very NICE camera that he will send me soon, so I can share. Keith is a bloody machine and didn’t really need me really, although with his aging eyes he struggles to see them! He is the handsome boy, in this pic ,with the small brown. You had to see the casting skills and fighting ability to appreciate the catch!!! God then we have Craig! This guy fishes with a torn groin muscle, (never will touch that again, don’t care how much pain you are in) and laughs while doing it. At the end of the day I took him upstream to a special spot while the others started walking out and we got onto a really good brown. Craig who is a brilliant caster placed the dry in the right place and this magnificent brown followed it down five feet, rising in the water column and then sipped it in. For me it was the take of a life time. If I had a damn good camera and had been ready with that, instead of my net, I would be able to sell that to any magazine in the world, to do with fly fishing. It was perfect! As it was, the knot (which he blamed me for) was faulty, and it snapped him off as it tore off downstream! Craig took it on the chin axcepted that he just got the snot beaten out of him, (and blamed the knot :)

To all my guides over the past two weeks, Dan the man, the  Huka Clients, to the Aussie boys. You are the reason I love doing this and I hope to be doing it for many years to come.

Regards Shane