Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 10th Of May 2012

Shane French /

May 10, 2012


Hey all,


If you have been waiting for the trout runs to start, “News Flash” They have!

I was asked to go fishing last week by a good friend, the river he wanted to fish was the Hine. Now the Hine was low and clear and although we had some wind that week I really thought we were going to be pushing the wet stuff up hill with a rake! He assured me there were fresh trout in there and so that’s where we headed, my GOD they were everywhere!! I promised him I wouldn’t say anything, until the next lot of rain that was coming in, as by that stage most anglers would be in there anyway. What it goes to show though, (apart from the fact i’m a sneaky bastard) is that they can and will come in when they need to. I had been told by another friend, (yes two friends) that the rip had been fishing well, and I guess with the wind they just decided to go for it. As I shot over the bridge first thing this morning there were cars in the lower car park, I almost stopped but I had other rivers on my mind further South and so kept going.

The Tauranga Taupo looked perfect as I went over the bridge and I was really surprised not to see any cars in the section above the bridge. I know this is a snaggy hideous section but if you do your homework when it is low and clear then you can avoid most of that stuff and man can it hold trout! As you can see….

I needed to have a look at the Waimarino as well, and have been really disappointed in this river so far, this year. It needs some help by DOC in my opinion as it should have been full of the little slimy buggers and although I picked up a few I REALLY had to work for them.  It has in the past been netted both in the upper section and in the rip, the tracks are a total mess and in general its not good. I did have it all to myself however, like the lower TT!?

So really guys if you have been thinking of getting here for some fresh eating trout this weekend would be as good as any. We have intermittent rain for the next 24 hours which should keep the levels up somewhat.

Mike Stent From Hunting and Fishing did one of my clients the hell deal on a SAS 8# Sage1600 Fly Reel and a few other bits and pieces to set this dude up for life in the Taupo fishery. I really have to say it was an impressive price, if you are interested in a new rod just ask about the Kilwell SAS.

I was out and about the other day and wandered down to GreenStone as well. They have some brilliant deals on Breathable waders with or without boots. The brand is a good one and u will be hard pressed to get any better out there. They won’t last long at the price he has set.

I have been pummeled for indicators and so there will be a delay of a week before I can get any others out, its great they have taken off but I have had to restrict it to 3 per person.

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