Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 11th Of January 2011

Shane French /

January 11, 2011

Hey All,

I had been meaning to try and get into the head waters of one of my Back Country rivers for some time now. I knew the hike in was a tough one but I have been told the fishing is fantastic up there with trophy Browns and large Rainbows common place. I had a small window of opportunity early this week and so decided to take Steven in with me. Looking at the weather the night before I wasn’t to happy with the outlook but had a way out through the bush if things got tough and we needed to bail. If you can, always have an out plan!!

The packs were ready and we were in the car by 6.00am and on the river by 8.00, the weather was overcast and a little cold but the river level was not too bad, (or so I thought).

The plan was to hike it hard and fast up to the confluence of two rivers, make camp and then explore the true Right for the rest of the day, come back to camp, CRASH and then explore the true left trib the next day before hiking it back out. It was going to be hard going but Steve is fit and I am mad, so we were all good!

I fished a few spots on the way up and managed to pull some smaller trout on the dry fly. These were smashed hard off the surface and provided a bit of a rest in between walking. The terrain is bloody hard going with HUGE boulders and Papa Rock. It was good to see that there were very few foot prints and they soon dwindled into nothing at all, the further we walked.

I had been a long way up once before and knew there was a tricky crossing that we had to do just before the last gorge, if we couldn’t do that one we were buggered and would have to walk out. The terrain all the way through does not allow for camping and quite frankly you would be mad if you did camp there as a flash flood or fast rising water level would see you in deep poo! As we got closer to this crossing I was a little concerned at the water volume, it was pushing hard and you could easily see the river had been up for some time. Sure enough when I saw it, my immediate thought was “Bugger”. Anyone who has ever been guided by me knows I can cross most rivers, I am a heavy bloke and it takes a fair amount of water to push me. However the entire river was going through a very small section and the rock that I wanted to get too was submerged and looked slippery, it was a no go. We tried all angles, including scaling a bluff, (that was scary, give me water any day). So after two hours of looking at all options we decided to hike it back out, fishing a few spots as we went. The day got colder and wetter as we went.By the time we reached the car it was drizzling steadily and the outside temp was only 11 deg.

We have a short clip of a trout taking a dry fly and Steven is putting that up now.

Regards Shane