Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 11th Of October 2012

Shane French /

October 11, 2012

Hey all,

I had a bit of a hard call to make last weekend in relation to going in on the quads. The weather looked atrocious leading up to it, with heavy falls possible and severe gales. The river was low and so it would have taken a bit of rain to bring it up but you only need one or two good cloud bursts in this area and rivers can rise very quickly. The wind was also a major factor in this. I hate fishing in wind, it can be extremely frustrating. So early Friday I called it a “no go”! I really wanted to see what the Sage ZXL  could do and so I picked my friend up at 6.45, (exactly) and we shot into the Waitahanui. This turned out to be a very good idea as the river was loaded with trout :)

I had been hoping that we would get one more good run go through and the weather obliged with some strong wind and a bit of rain leading up to it. Since it was meant to be a “light rod day” I took my little Innovation 5# in. We had the place to ourselves for most of the day and we literally slayed them. Glo Bugs were the flavor of the day and the bigger the better. We fished our way up through the upper pools slowly and picked up trout on a consistent basis, it was a great day. The Sage is a beast and when it was rigged up for light Nymphing, (like it’s supposed to be used) I would say it is probably the best rod I have ever lifted. In  saying that I hooked 9 good trout on my Innovation :) look at this ugly little bugger!!

On the Sunday, which was the day we were going in back country, it was probably one of the nicest days we have had all year :(  But hey we are alive and can fish it another day.

There has certainly been a late season run of trout move into all the rivers. Some of these are in excellent condition too. A friend dropped off to me for smoking, a beautiful 6.5 pound Rainbow from the Nui. Great red flesh and plenty of it too! For me overall it has been a good season, much better than the 5 years.

A big hello to Ryan and Brandon who I met on the Nui Tuesday. These two young boys fish this river on a regular basis and can obviously fish too. They were carrying back a nice Hen with good shoulders. Great to see youth in this hobby. Tight lines guys.

I managed to get out onto a small piece of back country stuff as well. I explored this little spring creek late last year and it was a good option to fish, as most of the other water around was blown out. I hooked about twenty of these little fellows within a few hours. They go mental once hooked and on a 5# they are so much fun. I am really excited about the dry fly action coming up as I have numerous rivers to explore.

We have more wind and rain on the way guys. I am sure there will be a few fresh trout in the rivers after this weekend. The school holidays are about to end too.

Regards Shane