Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 12 Of June 2012

Shane French /

June 12, 2012

Hey All,

Fishing was good leading up to the weekend and although I haven’t had too many reports from anglers, it had to be good over the weekend!

I went for a wee walk yesterday and had a look at a couple of Rivers.

The Hinemaiaia, had plenty of flow and looked great in general. I pulled a few trout from here but they were generally older fish. The one silver Hen that I landed was full of eggs and so she went back, with a telling off for being silly. The trout from the Hine are fighting WAY above their weight, they are super fit :)

The Tauranga Taupo was full of anglers, both in the lower and main car parks. The water level was dropping and with that many anglers on the river, it might have been tough in there yesterday. Especially after the weekend! So I kept driving.

I did two sections of the Tongariro and didn’t have to move very far to take trout. I did make sure that I fished all the water and changed my rig a few times as well,  according to depth of water. The main thing is that the trout were there. They were in great condition too. I caught most of these on my Comet. This little Nymph has been a real success for me in the Tongariro. I landed two nice Hens with a green Woolly Bugger, one after the other and dropped a very stroppy jack in some fast water. I’m not really up to running across rocks at the moment and so it took me out onto my backing, before it lept in the air and busted me off. I had a great afternoon on the Tongariro, there’s good numbers of trout in there.

We have fine sunny conditions right up until Friday. Although these conditions don’t make for running trout, they sure as hell are great to be out in.

Have fun, be safe doing it.