Lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 13th Of July 2009

Shane French /

July 13, 2009

Waitahanui Rip

Waitahanui Rip

Hey All.

Very hard on all rivers at the moment.

Spawning colours

Spawning colours

The Tongariro has a few trout in tight packed groups but they like all other rivers have their mouths firmly shut, best time is first thing in the morning. There are heaps of them just below and above the State Highway bridge and this water is getting a flogging. I watched four anglers casting to about ten trout late this afternoon and in my opinion they didn’t have a chance at getting them. I could actually see the Nymphs drifting WELL above the trout. If you are casting straight up above you and just letting in drift back down, you need extra weight. It is only when you are opposite your target and can get a decent mend in that less weight is needed!

The Tauranga taupo had six cars in the car park by 9.00 am. The next good rain that we get I am going to walk this river and see how many trout are in there. If you want some guiding on the TT then this will be a good time for it. The flow is sitting around the .390 mark and with all the snow on the kaimanawas the levels should stay more constant as it melts.

There has been a few fresh trout go through the Hinemaiaia and the rip has produced a few as well.

I fished the Waitahanui first thing this morning in the upper reaches. Although we got skunked it was pleasing to see some very good trout in there, now all they need to do is open their bloody mouths!!!! We have not had any Westerly wind for AGES now and so the next blow that comes in should have this river on fire, I hope so anyway.

So just to plug it again, a half day two people is $200 and a full day two people is $350 any Taupo river.

We are due a big blow from the South over the next four days with some good rain as well, hopefully this WILL get here and push some fresh DUMB trout up the rivers, (I like dumb trout). If you would like to take me up on this offer, this week might be a good choice.

Just to show that lady anglers can do it as well as the blokes!! look at this beauty, (the fish boys the fish!!!)