Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 13th Of June 2010

Shane French /

June 13, 2010

Hey all,

Just a quick up date on the rivers.

The rain that we got hammered with on Friday made all the rivers south of the Hine, unfishable. That means that the Hine and the Waitahanui are getting a bashing from anglers. However from what I saw yesterday while guiding, a lot of these guys are not using a rig that was suitable for the water conditions and therefore sucked a little!!

Mike and I had a fabulous day, hooking well over 20 trout and landingĀ  50% of those. The fish moving through the Hine yesterday were mostly Hens around that 3 to 3.5 pound mark, but bloody hell were they unhappy little fellas when hooked up!! The further up the river we got, the less trout there were. This is the first year I have ever fished above the Hinemaiaia Bridge in winter and so I guess it is a trial basis to see if the fish are holding in the middle section, or like other rivers just shooting through. The only way to know is to fish it on a regular basis, (oh bugger what a shame). Anyway, Mike and I shot back down to the lowers again for the last hour on the river and pulled another four fish from water that had been thrashed. We were certainly using gear and techniques that were suitable to the conditions!

The TT is still up at around .75 and with the rain forecast today I think it may be blown out for a few days to come. If I wanted a good days fishing on the TT I know what section I would be fishing!!

Hopefully when the water drops on the Tonagriro the trout will be throughout the river, however I suspect they may be a little harder to find in good numbers, than that. It is still early in the season and so the groups of trout coming in are still a little on the light side and it is a very big river. Again, a game plan to find these trout once the water is fishable would be advisable otherwise you might find the fishing a little disappointing!

Man the Waitahanui got a thumping in the straight and the bridge pool by anglers yesterday. I drove past there at about 3.30 and there were heaps of them out there. I bet those running trout have a fair idea what a glow bug is by the time they hit NorCrofts Bend. Lucky for us they have the short term memory thing going on!!

Hey By the way, we caught this coloured up Jack near the end of the day and it had its arse hanging out!! I mean this looked sore and I am sure the cold water flowing over it was quite soothing!! However what causes it? I was told by “”Oh mighty Fish Whisperer”” Brendon that is was because they munch down on Fresh Water Crayfish and the shells irritate their Bum! This sounds plausible but are there other reasons as well. I mean this looks really nasty!!!!

Have fun out there