Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 14th Of June 2009

Shane French /

June 14, 2009

One from the Hinemaiaia Rip

One from the Hinemaiaia Rip

Hey All,

We got the rain that was forecast on Friday night and all the rivers got a good dumping. The Tongariro was Just fishable if you could find some quiet water somewhere. There were anglers everywhere on here, mostly because the TT was blown out. Good to see anglers out and about, I hope the Turangi shops did some turnover!

As I say the Tauranga Taupo was not fishable and it peaked at about .8, it is now on its way back down to a fishable level and unless we get more heavy rain it should have a few freshies in it early next week. Can you get here????

The Hinemaiaia was low and clear when I crossed the bridge early in the morning and I should have stopped then and there on this piece of water. There was only one car below the bridge too. When I got back there at 1.00pm the water level was PERFECT! There is a bit of clean water to fish on the lower Hinemaiaia but we only pulled out one small spawning Jack, it had by this stage been flogged because the other rivers were high and hard to fish. We had a look at the rip as well. This was superb and if I had not been looking after the girls last night , I would certainly have plonked my bum in there. Very strong flow and good depth to it!!

The Waitahanui was getting a right royal pounding when we left there at about 8.00am, there were five cars in the Blake Rd car park and a few anglers down low. We pulled a spawning Jack of about 4 pounds out but then decided to check out the rivers further south.

As I say if we don’t get anymore rain this will be a good week to be on the water. We are about to get a cold blow from the South to top things off.

I presented TRM with the trophy they won last year in our not so friendly river fish off. Thanks to all those who voted on the forum about what to do and although the vast majority said we should not have given it to them, Ross and his team are honest and they won it fair and square. The rules will be a little more defined this year however and the winning fish will have to be seen by the opposing team!! The word out there is that Ross wants the next comp to be very soon!!

Regards Shane