Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 14th Of September 2009

Shane French /

September 14, 2009


Hey All,

Wow sorry for the total lack of reports on my site. The last two weeks have been crazy for me!

100_0135The rain that we received once again pushed fresh trout up all the rivers. It also managed to bring a few of the older ones back down and so anglers are now picking up spawned out fish. These will probably have a go at anything you throw in front of them but are very partial to Glow bugs! From what I have been told today and from the emails received, the Tongariro has a few of these spent trout swimming around. Hell I thought the Tongariro was full of them all the time. I can hear Ross puff out his chest from here!

Once again the Tauranga Taupo river mouth fired before the rain and so I am sure this river had a few go up. It may pay to have a look at the upper section to Rangers now, I am sure it will have plenty of trout in there.

The Hinemaiaia has not had the pressure of other rivers. I drove over it on Saturday morning and was surprised to see only one car by the bridge and the water looked “”perfect””.

No reports on the Waitahanui, I will have to have a look for myself there, oh what a shame.

Now for a little bit of news……

I applied for a job with Hunting and Fishing here in Taupo a few weeks ago and managed to get it. I started today. My hours are week days only which at this stage leaves me to guide in the weekends. Although the decision to move into retail did not come lightly, I still get to keep a firm foot in the fishing industry and keep you guys happy with these reports. I would like to thank all my regular clients and the one offs, who regularly read my reports and who have gone out with me. I look forward to seeing you in Mike Stents great shop and to seeing you on the water.

Regards Shane