Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding report For The 15th Of April 2012

Shane French /

April 15, 2012



Hey all,

Ups and Downs would be the way I would describe the Taupo Fishery at the moment. To get the best out of your fishing you would have to have a good repertoire of pools and or rivers.

The Waitahanui had good numbers of trout go through last week and some of them were beauties! I got all excited at the rain on Wednesday night and so met up with Trevor down in the rip at 10.00pm. We both thought that the dropping pressure and pitter patter, (man it poured on me) of rain might invoke a good run. Trevor had got there a little before me and had caught and released a nice 3.5 pound fat fish and had multiple hook ups. I got there and it went quiet!!! I had one hook up for the two hours spent casting in the rain. gaahhhhh

The Hinemaiaia has been low and WEEDY for ages now. There were trout in there but if you nicked the bottom, there was a damn good chance your Nymphs would have weed on them. I had been fishing this river with very light gear and trying to stick to the deeper runs and pools. As I say, trout were in there but first casts were a must! I thought the torrential rain Wed/Thurs would have given this river some volume but when Steven and I fished it Friday morning it was still low. Steven hooked up on a brilliant fish that headed straight for a snag and busted him off. We were after fresh trout so decided to head further South.

The River level on the Tauranga Taupo showed a small increase up to about .412 but it was dropping fast, (the ground must have soaked up the rain). However I couldn’t refuse turning left into the TT as I shot past early in the morning due to the fact there were NO cars in the car park……. Yes there were heaps of fish in there but the water was dropping fast and you didn’t get too many casts onto them before they spooked. Steven picked up this very nice Jack that went just under 4 pounds but fought like a 6 pounder easily. I had decided not to take the net as he needed to learn how to land a trout without one and the TT lends itself to this nicely. Only problem is he hooked it on a 6# and this fish was NOT happy about coming in. I was a Dads proud moment to watch him cast, strike and land this fish all by himself, all be it with me giving back seat driving instructions while hopping from one foot to the other. We changed section on the TT and had a blast on a good group of fish in a deep piece of water, all taken on a well sunk Glo Bug. In the end we probably hooked into at least twenty odd trout Friday!! Wow these fish are in great fighting form this year. DOC will soooooooo be sighing in relief :)

I am back country tomorrow, on the quads so hopefully will have some pics for you of this day. I haven’t been into the river this late in the season so it will be interesting to check it out, always a great day however and I am sure we will drag something up from the depths.

Be safe.