Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 15th Of February 2010

Shane French /

February 14, 2010

Look Steve your favourite Rod!!!!

Look Steve your favourite Rod!!!!

Hey All,

p2110045Another great week behind me and now a few days to reflect on what has been one of my best guides ever. I was lucky enough to have Dan from the UK for four days and in this time we fished a hell of a lot of water all over the central North Island. Dan is a dry fly specialist and so that was predominantly what we fished. This was fine by me as I got to learn a few more tricks with this exciting style and even picked up a drifting technique, which I thought I had down pat!

p2110004One of the days we were going to fish a Mohaka trib, however when we got over there the river and all of its Tributaries were still in full flood. The amount of water through this area must have been some force of nature and it would not surprise me if it has done some serious damage to the trout population. They will certainly be bashed around over there and a good couple of days exploring this will be needed. On this particular day I had to drag out plan B and do some serious driving. It ended with one of my best days trout number wise, with well over thirty landed. Nymphing played a part this day and the Prince nymph came into its own. Most of the trout were in the three pound mark with the odd four pounder thrown in. All of these were in great condition and made the little five weight bend like a twig it is.

p2110020We managed to get into the Whanganui as well and fish a beat I haven’t done all season, what a mind blow this was! When I first started guiding on this water four years ago the average size was a bout three pounds, this year has seen a massive increase with most of the trout in that five pound plus range, fat and incredibly strong. I warned Dan that he was going to get taken out onto his backing on the Whanganui and apparently he didn’t believe me, until it happened, (twice). At one stage we were in trouble of being spooled. This guy could land trout too, probably having a 95% landing rate, which in my opinion is freaking awesome. All the trout on the Whanganui were taken on the dry fly with some of the best surface smashing takes I have ever seen. I should have had a film crew with me, you would have been blown away!!!!!

Back in the local area there is still some great fishing to be had. Although the Cicadas are not as prolific as they were last year, they are still taking them off the surface and if you persevere with some sort of imitation, the rewards are there for the taking.

p2110011I managed to fish the Waitahanui on Friday and pulled a few from the lower reaches including a nice brown that took a dry. Walk slowly up this river and watch where you step! The rip is producing steadily, in fact most of the Taupo rips are. I poked my head into the Waiotaka rip the other day, this is running nicely into the lake and I might just go back there this week and have another look after dark.

Yesterday I played Paint ball up at Johns Quad biking farm, SH1. Malcolm his son, is doing a great job running this side business and it is VERY well set up. I took my son Steven with me and between the two of us went through 600 pellets. The group we played with were having there Stag night that night and kicked it off with Paint ball. So a small plug for Malcolm here. If you want to try something different that will get your adrenalin PUMPING then organize a few of your mates. He can make up teams by placing you with other people as well. A great way to kill a few hours. Phone 07 3776404

Take care and great fishing to all.

Regards Shane