Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 15th Of January 2012

Shane French /

January 15, 2012





Hey All,

Gahh where the heck is Summer?? This is not doing anything for the dry fly fishing….

On Monday I decided to go and have a look at some of the spring fed rivers around Braodlands Road. I have fished these before but not for many years. I did some research first on access, (not that there is much) and then headed out. A bit of bush crashing was needed and the river level was up a bit, (I think), however I finally managed to get into the stream. It had a fair amount of colour and some of those branches were a bit sharp, so wading was slow and careful! Heaps of little fellas around the 1 pound mark but then every so often I would hit a 3 pounder. Man these things go ballistic, awesome fun and I was really enjoying myself until a big spiky tree which had fallen across the stream blocked my way. I could have made a MISSION of it and climbed through all the branches but the water looked deep and I was by myself, so decided to go back. A real shame too as the stretch up from there look great. On one of the streams you used to be able to get down to the Waikato river, but the track was well and truly flooded and it even looked like the track itself had been destroyed. In April of last year this area had a terrible day of wind and it snapped huge pine trees off at the base or even up rooted them all together. It was impossible to see where the track started or ended. I am sure this will have upset a few locals, as this stream mouth was very popular!!

I turned down some guiding this week because of the rain. I hate doing this but I refuse to take clients out when I know rivers are not worth fishing. However I made the wrong call on Tuesday, thinking all the rivers would come up and they didn’t :( The Tongariro would have been perfect!

There should be a heap of Browns around now and I have dusted off my rip gear and will head out once this moon drops a bit. I am looking forward to fishing with a few mates over the next weeks as well. One of the guides I am doing is with an English dude, who is awesome company, we are going to hit a lot of water over the 6 days I have him. We also have a few Aussie boys preparing to cross the ditch, no one loves their fishing as much as these guys and so it will be great to watch those faces light up.

I am out and about on the rivers all this week so will report in a few more times before the end of the month.

Regards Shane