Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 15th Of September 2012

Shane French /

September 15, 2012

Hey All,

I fished the Waitahanui first thing Monday. The wind hadn’t really let up and I was thinking that the Nui should have had a few fish in there. I quickly fished the Cliff pool and dropped two trout around the 3.5 pound mark. They were solid fish that fought dirty and hard! From there I fished the pools above Reids. I met Brett Cameron at the power line car park and since he had a client, decided to give him plenty of water. This section contained fresh trout but they were fairly scarce on it and I had to really fish the water to get results. I ended up taking two Hens about the 3 pound mark, both had great flesh inside. As you can see the fish are in awesome condition, by all accounts they are getting good nourishment in the lake before running :) I thought the Nui should have had a few more fish go through with that bought of wind and rain, i’m a little disappointed there.

Yesterday, (being Friday) I had planned to get into the Tauranga Taupo with Trevor. I picked him up at 6.45 and we were down at the TT car park by 10 past 7. So were 9 other car loads of anglers :( The plan changed slightly at that stage. I though the vast majority might have high tailed it up to Cliff and or Rangers, so Trev and I dropped in on the water pretty much as soon as we could, with the plan being to fish hard all the way up to the Rock wall, then reassess the situation. I managed to drop a good fish almost straight away and then did it again as I let my Glo Bugs drift across the current at the end of a drift. Trevor who can smell me hooking trout miles away came scampering up on the other side of the river to poach! At that stage a Guide crossed below me with three clients. Wow it was getting busy. I pulled a really nice Hen out of the pool I was fishing but decided to get it back in the water quickly and so didn’t take my back pack off to get my Camera! This was a very good trout and really made me work to get it in. Very powerful runs and some incredibly high acrobatics :) I moved up the pool a little , (Trevor had gone very quiet) and with that a guide appeared on the Track with three more clients, gahhhhhhhhhhh. I had a small tanty in my head,grabbed Trevor and walked back out. There were 15 cars in the car park! Please don’t get me wrong, its everyone’s river and u all have the right to fish it whenever you want but seriously how many cars does it take before you say ” stuff that” lets go somewhere quieter!

So being that far South we decided to fish the Tongariro. There have been some good runs through the Tongariro and we didn’t have to walk far, to get onto them. I have been tying a few flies specifically for this water and one of them in Particular has been taking Jacks. Again all the Trout we hooked from here were in Excellent condition and really put on a show when fighting. One Jack of around 4 pounds must have lept 10 times with the first few leaps being almost a meter out of the water. That always brings a smile to my face. We had a great few hours on the Tongariro and the section we were in didn’t have any pressure at all….. they were all down on the TT :)

So DOC will be breathing a small sigh of relief as the end of the 2012 winter season winds down on a bit of a high. With the food source being plentiful in the Lake we can expect some good fish over the summer months with the Browns just around the corner.

We have some more un settled weather on the way this weekend and so the rivers may just produce a few more decent runs.

be safe on the water.

Regards Shane