Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 16th Of August 2009

Shane French /

August 16, 2009

Waitahanui River

Waitahanui River

Hey All,

Well we have had a good spell of rain over the past 12 hours and most of the rivers are up in volume. As yet I haven’t fished any of them except the Waitahanui, I guided on this yesterday, (Saturday).

dsc00058The Nui is not fishing as well as it should for August and the trout at the moment are on the small skinny side as well. I was a little disappointed yesterday with the condition of these fish in general. We picked up eight for the day but worked very hard for these and covered a heap of water to boot. Pressure was high and as we walked out of the upper pools there were 7 cars under the power lines. We even saw AC with a client up by Reids. Had to laugh though, as the big man himself slipped in the mud on the way out and literally rolled in the stuff getting out, go the Nui!! Don’t worry Andrew i’ll teach you how to walk on our river at some stage. Great stuff to see mate.

It looks like the Tonagriro has had some good runs come into the lower section, (below the bridge) and from all accounts most anglers are doing well here. I just had a look at TRM’s web site and some of those trout look mighty fine….. hmmmmmm hope the Nui picks up for this weekends comp.

I will try and get into the TT again this week as I was VERY disappointed with last weeks effort and need to see if it has had a decent run go through. It should have fish almost all the way through at this stage of the game, and didn’t.

The Hinemaiaia is fishing well when the water volume is up, so if you are passing this river and you see these conditions have a stop and a quick flick, you might be pleasantly surprised.

The straight on the Waitahanui before it enters the lake has formed like the old days. The Groin has even come back and at times this will produce great numbers of trout. I caught my first ever trout in the Groin some 35 years ago!

Regards Shane

The Groin Waitahanui Straight.

The Groin Waitahanui Straight.