Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 16th Of June 2010

Shane French /

June 16, 2010

Hey All,

I needed a good trout to take up to Auckland for a speech I was doing at the North Shore anglers association on Tuesday night. They requested I show them how to bone out a trout, so I needed a good one.

As like most of last week all the rivers apart from the Hine and the Waitahanui were blown out. I knew there were trout in the Hine and so I headed back over that way, the time was about 2.00pm. The water was up quite high and wading was VERY tricky. The Hine really has some push when the volume is up. I went in above the bridge hoping that the trout over the past few days had moved up there. Well that and there were like 10 cars in the bridge car park!! I did most of my spots, (that I could) and managed to pull trout from most of them, however a good 5 pounder was not to be had. At 5.10 I shot into the lower section and on my first cast into a secret little sneaky pulled a good 4 pounder out. I decided to give her the last rites as she was silver and not too full of eggs. Angling pressure that late in the day was low and it was nice being on the water on change of light.

All the rivers have dropped to a reasonable level and they will certainly be holding trout. You may need to move through the water to pick them up as they had a whole week of high water levels to move up the rivers.

Man do we have some snow on the mountains!! It was a beautiful sight coming over the rise this afternoon and seeing a blue calm lake and the snow covered mountains in the back ground, very special place.

Thanks for all the comments about the trout in my last post with its arse hanging out. Yes it seems that is due to a whole heap of Koura eating. I had a couple of emails suggesting I actually molested it, that’s so wrong guys, in so many ways!!!

Regards Shane