Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 16th Of March 2012

Shane French /

March 16, 2012




Hey all,

The featured angler is Emmanuel from Canada. He decided after looking at all the information, that the Quad bike option was what he wanted to have a go at and I knew that Malcolm from Tongariro Quads was available at short notice as I was going to take him out the same day for a fish :)

I knew the beat we were going to fish might have seen a bit of angling pressure, (up to a point) but that the middle and top part of the beat should have been sweet and it was!! When we got into the water that hadn’t seen any anglers it was a fish feast!! We took trout on both the dry and the Nymph, although we predominately Nymphed as the day started off wet and cold. There were heaps of Browns around and they were in excellent condition too. We dropped a few really good trout that beat the hell out of poor Emmanuel, he broke both his records for Rainbows and Browns yesterday¬† :) Excellent angler+ great fish= Awesome day. Be safe man catch you next time.

The Taupo Rivers fished brilliantly after all the rain at the start of the week. I guided on pretty much all of them in the end, with the Waitahanui being the best by far. Just when I give DOC a hard time about poaching and that the Browns hadn’t turned up, we get a huge run of them, (full moon too). Trevor sent me a picture of some great fish that had come out of there and lets face it if he can catch them then they must have been in there in huge numbers :)

I have to stop using my 5# in the Hine as I got beaten up by everything on Wednesday morning, they used the extra flow to their advantage, but in general they were just big angry fish. All taken on the Hairy Reaper.

I had an American angler on Wednesday afternoon and we fished the TT and the Waimarino. The Waimarino was disappointing in the fact it has had some sort of slip in the top reaches and most of the pools have silted over. This happened a few years ago and took ages to come right. It means the trout don’t hold in the lower and middle sections and run through very fast trying to find cover. I need to go in here and have a good look for myself. We fished the lower end of the Tauranga Taupo with the water being in the 4.5 to .5 range on the rain gauge.¬† I was shocked to see only ONE car in the parking area! We hooked up and lost a few fish this day and in fact didn’t manage to land anything. There are some strong trout lurking around at the moment which is a great sign of things to come.

Things are pretty quiet on the rivers during the week at the moment but the anglers come out of the wood work in the weekend!

Take care all