Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 16th Of September 2010

Shane French /

September 16, 2010

Hey All,

Batten down the hatches we are about to get a thumping and this storm may do some damage. The weather has really dictated where I fish over the past 6 weeks as all the rivers have been high and dirty at some stage, more often than not all of them at the same time. Even the good old Waitahanui has been coloured for a week, (and empty of trout to boot)! Where the hell are you DOC this river needs your help and it needs it fast. Thank you to all the emails, (and phone calls) regarding my comments on DOC checking licenses on this river. It seems like if you were going to poach, this would be the river to do it on. The River fishing has slowly been getting worse on here over the past few years and I believe some drastic measures need to be implemented to bring it back.

The Hinemaiaia has finally slowed down with its huge runs of trout and is one of the rivers in the area that is fishable at the moment. It has had a fantastic season and some very nice fish have been landed and more than often lost!

The Tauranga Taupo is once again High and unfishable. With the high lake level, (poor bloody Environment Waikato) the run off is very slow. With the rain that we are meant to get over the next four days this river is going to be a mess and flooding may be a real issue. It is sitting at about .8 at the moment and it won’t take much to push it up to flood level.

The Tonagriro is the river to be on, (I can feel Ross poaching that comment now, sigh). It came up and dropped nicely and is full of trout. I was rung at lunch time by a concerned angler that it was indeed fishing much better than the Nui. He had just landed what he thinks was his 20th trout for the morning, all on my Glo Bugs that I am now tieing. Apparently Ross even tried to find out what I was using a few weeks back. Nice to see the Tonagriro having a good end to the season, with some great trout being landed.

The much anticipated grudge match between the Tonagriro and the Waitahanui has been set for the weekend of the 5th of November. Ross has even granted us the fishing rites to the Hine and TT as the Tonagriro has well over 25km of water to plunder while the Nui has about 5Km. Very decent of you and although you are still a pine tree killing Mo Fo, your a decent guy! So anyone wanting to be on the Waitahanui team, please get in touch with me.

With all the rain we have had and are about to receive,  the opening day for the rest of NZ water, looks like it is going to be a difficult one to find fishable streams. This is more than often the case as the past few years September has been a wet one. I need to go and do a heap of walking and fishing on my rivers to check out axcess and what has happened over the winter months. I love October but am looking forward to some settled weather.

Take care this weekend. Watch for fast rising rivers and the wind when driving.

Regards Shane