Lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 17th Of August 2009

Shane French /

August 17, 2009

Into the wild blue yonder!

Into the wild blue yonder!

Hey All.

With the weekends rain that we recieved, all the rivers once again have fresh Trout in them. As normal the majority of them are generally moving through VERY fast. I have been catching extremely fresh run Hens and Jacks quite a way up the rivers at the moment, they are quick this season!

If I was going to fish the Tonagriro I would have a quick look at the lower section, Braids ect then if, A) there were too many anglers or (B) just for the hell of it. I would go through the town pools, or Major Jones to Red Hut. Have on a Glo bug at all times and swap between a size 14 caddis or Flash Back PT. Make sure you are getting down, if it looks fishy it generally has fish in it! There should have been a good run of Trout go through this mighty river. Hopefully they will have spread out alittle more.

Very fresh Jack, with natural

Very fresh Jack, with natural

I followed a group of Trout up the Waimarino today and shit they were moving. We pulled this fit SILVER Jack quite a way up stream. We then heard shot guns going off and decided to vacate the area. Great little river this one but it has not prodced the numbers of earlier years ,so far this season.

No idea with the TT, I have the sulks with it at the moment. The level did come up though and stayed up at a perfect height for some time, so hopefully it will have received a good run, God knows it needed it! I believe the rip was fishing very well at night, this coupled with a few other things I have heard probably means a run was brewing!

When the flow is up on the Hinemaiaia then have a crack at this one. Aparantly the rip got a pounding over the weekend!

We have a fresh Westerly blowing in at the moment and it should push some freshies into the Waitahanui.

Ross the leader of the “”Tonagriro Muffins””will no doubt send his minions down to flog its Gin Clear water to froth, before this weekends Waitahanui V Tonagriro (whose is the best river) comp! however I have seen many of them fish and so our trout should not get to upset. Hell in fact some of them struggle to walk its banks! Hehe.

I have found this season that the trout have been moving through the rivers very quickly. Because of this, it has been a hit or miss scenario for many anglers coming in from other parts of the country. Wet blustery conditions this year have been paramount to success or failure ,conditions are great now!

Although try and leave the Waitahanui alone, (smile)!

Take care out there on the water.

Regards Shane

I love my Kilwell SAS!

I love my Kilwell SAS!