Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 17th Of February 2012

Shane French /

February 17, 2012


Hey all,

Another fantastic week on all the Taupo rivers, that I fished, and I fished a lot of them :)

Even when the clouds came over and we had a little of the wet stuff , the Cicadas still chirped and the trout rose to the imitation.

Alana, my eldest daughter has been asking me for ages, if only she and I could go out fishing. I have waited until now, as they have to be strong enough to throw a 5# and if they are going to do it, they may as well do everything correctly. So I was woken on Sunday morning by Alana, asking me whether she should wear the pink or purple leggings, (crack me up) I used a short tapered trace and a medium sized hairy Cicada imitation. The Cliff pool on the Waitahanui is where we headed. It is easy for beginners to water load on and then you just have to teach them a few line handling skills. I was bloody amazed at her mending, her arm was high and she has a nice little whip in it. She also understood why she had to mend :)  It didn’t take long before her dry fly was pounced on by this little monster and the fight was awesome to watch. She wet waded the damn Nui as well, without complaining once! At one stage I told her to wait by the side of the river, while I waded up to a small overhanging bush. Although the water was not swift, it would have gone up to the top of her thighs and been cold….. After my third or fourth cast I heard a small gasp and yip there she was, thigh deep in freezing water, watching her Dad fish. Yes i’m a little proud! Steven has some competition now :)

I fished the Tauranga Taupo the other day as well. I have always said this is a great dry fly river and it is, you just have to make those first casts count and have a nice long leader. I got some beautiful trout in the 2 to 3 pound range from here. Really easy fishing and the takes were mind blowing. God I love Cicadas, why can’t they be around all year.

The Tongariro has some nice trout in there too but it is getting a hammering, (from the guides too). Try that riffly water, it doesn’t have to be too deep either.

I am disappointed in the Hinemaiaia this summer but will go back in there next week for a full day and do a proper job on it. I hear the rip is fishing like crap too :(

Speaking of rips… I got thrown out of bed Thursday to go and get a fish for the table, so the alarm went off at 4.00am and I got pushed out! The Waitahanui was my objective with the plan being to then walk up to the limit pool and then crawl home. The morning was perfectly still, although the half moon was a bit bright. For this reason I used a normal Scotch poacher and was hoping for a Brownie. Na not a touch all morning. The other guy who was in the current never touched anything either. I was using an intermediate line with a trace of about 7 feet, I probably should have played with the length and or changed fly but it was my first rip fish for a while and so I just concentrated on casting in the dark. The SAS Kilwell 8# is a freaking beast when it comes to hauling, I had forgotten how much I love to cast streamers on it. Anyway it sucked and I didn’t get a touch! So on with the Cicada and dropper and up the river I went.

I knew a local guide, (Peter Wilton) was going to be in the same section and so I walked past some excellent trout, (I kept low Peter :)  ) but the water I wanted to see was up above Gordon Williams. This is overgrown, Arrow casting, hell, but man are there some good fish up there. Spooky as hell and as I say hideous overgrown conditions, (Jesus DOC!!) At one stage this big brownie in the picture cruised over into the middle of the stream, while I was eating lunch and just started to feed, I almost fell in trying to get my rod! As I say bow and arrow cast. A short leader and about 1.5 feet of main line, hold the fly with the reel facing up, pull back on the fly, like a string on a bow, aim for where you want and let fly, simple as!! This brownie didn’t even blink, it just cruised up and engulfed my dry. Shit!! So equipped with a 5# rod, in probably the worst piece of water I could have done it to, (Flick and Switch) I was hooked into an 8 pound heavy weight. As I say my leader was short and the tippet was 8 pound Maxima,(tow the Queen Marry with that) so I wasn’t worried about it snapping, just being dragged down past a deep piece of water into another fast deep piece of water and or hurting the trout. As it was the first bit of pressure the trout put on me the hook came out. I was quite happy about it all and as I say the take was awesome!!!!!!

I then had TWO enormous, (one maybe 13 or 14 pounds, come up and nose the fly, and I mean nose it. I would have taken a picture if I had a good Polaroid lens, but without one the pic would have been unrecognizable. However getting back to it. Having a monster trout just rise up and “almost” take your fly is heart stopping, the world could have ended there and then and all I was focusing on was this trout. I then changed fly and put on a dropper, (which I snagged in every freakin bush around me), but Nah he had seen enough and went back to sleep. So i trudged up and fished the Limit Pool, (thought of you Bolt, my man). I caught heaps of small stuff and it was fun!! I even landed, early in the day, a nice 4 pound rainbow that I thought about smackin on the head but it was to early and the meat would have gone off, so let it go, but that was it.

So there are heaps of options out there for you, (and your little ones). it is a great time of year to get them started and for you to have some fun on light gear, before Winter starts up and you need weight to get down.

Hope you have a safe weekend.

Regards Shane