Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 17th Of May 2010

Shane French /

May 17, 2010

Hey All,

What a fantastic start to the season so far. The rain we received over the weekend pushed a heap of fresh run Steel heads up all the rivers, and where were all the anglers??

I guided on Saturday, picking up my clients from Creel lodge in Turangi. Plan A was to go straight to Admirals and have a poke around there, however the 5 cars in the car park saw us heading North using plan B. As I was driving to pick them up I noticed that the Tauranga Taupo car park was empty, this was at 7.45. The river level had come up the day before to around the .6 mark and was dropping fast, there had to be trout in there! By the time we got to the car park, (8.30) it was still empty. Oh God I thought do I not know something here! Hmmmm not to worry on the first cast Chris hooked up, but dropped it a few seconds into the fight. Second cast he again hooked up this time landing one of the best 5 pounders I have ever seen. This Jack was in fabulous condition and really gave his 7# rod a work out. Great start!!! Over the next 7 hours we picked up 12 more of these beauties dropping a few VERY good fish.

I couldn’t help it but I went back in there today for myself. I didn’t take the camera with me on Saturday and so wanted a few new photo’s of these great looking trout we are hooking up into. I love the TT, it has some of the best water in Taupo, although I say that about all the rivers. Today I managed half a dozen fat hens around the 4 to 5 pound mark. I took two home with me today as I needed trout for a few friends. The flesh is deep pink and the eggs were very small, meaning the wings still have plenty of flesh on them. The Tauranga Taupo is in excellent nick although they have done a heap of work with heavy excavating equipment just up from the rock wall. From what I can gather they are trying to stop the erosion that has happened over the past few years and have diverted the main flow from one of the bends. It has effected a great piece of water but in doing so has created a nice little run. The TT really got a bashing a few years ago and I don’t blame them for trying to avert it again. DOC do a great job with the tracks in general in Taupo and it can be seen very clear on the TT.

The rest of the rivers are fishing equally as well. The Tongariro has a bit of angling pressure at the moment and it was really good to see Creel busy in the weekend, poor old Brian looked like he was going to pop a vein.

I fished with Trevor the other day on the Hinemaiai. We had a great morning hooking up in well over 15 trout in a few short hours. I am using Glo Bugs now and we did really well with the Champ red dot. We landed three Trout over Five pounds and I came home with a nice 6 pound jack that walked me down a big rapid.

If you can get here this week it would be a good time to kick off your winter season.

Regards Shane