Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 18th Of January 2012

Shane French /

January 18, 2012





Hey All,

Yes Bob its the man himself. He says it could be you, if you weren’t such a wuss, good grief man what a broken leg in six places :) Hope you are on the mend bud!

This handsome Aussie bloke and I shot into the Tongariro yesterday, (gentleman’s hours too) and had a go at the Browns lurking there. Hmmmmmm not as many as I thought there would be and we covered a bit of ground too. We did manage to spot and then snag this one however on a dry. We probably put 10 good drifts over the top of him first with just a dry and then tie on a dropper thinking this would do the trick. First cast and he took the dry!! I was on droppy mode and managed to drop everything I hooked up onto. Chris also dropped a very good Rainbow as well. I would suggest if you are not hooking into them on the Tongariro, to move section. They are in there.

I shot into the Waitahanui this morning and got skunked, bloody river is empty!!! :(

I should be out and about over the next few days but this will be back country some what and so will report in soon.

Regards Shane