Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 18th Of July 2010

Shane French /

July 18, 2010

Hey All,

Anyone fishing the Taupo Rivers this week would have found the going tough. Yes there are small groups of trout sneaking through but in general, all the rivers have slowed down, or stopped producing Trout!. Weather has to blame, we haven’t had a decent bout of the “wet stuff” for over a month.

6 pound Fluro, little flashy things and everything in between, would be my rig choice. Try and spot for the trout if you get onto a group and they are not taking, then change fly type and maybe size. All the rivers are flowing LOW and CLEAR so spotting with Polaroids and targeting trout can be a heap of fun in these conditions.

I did numerous sections of the Tongariro today and struggled to pick up two trout. Heaps of angling pressure too!!! Never saw another angler with a trout for over 6 hours. I’m sure they are in there somewhere though!! God the Tonagriro is a beautiful River, those deep pools raise the blood pressure every time I fish them!