Lake Taupo trout fishing and Guiding Report for The 18th Of June 2009

Shane French /

June 18, 2009

Two little keepers from the Waimarino

Two little keepers from the Waimarino

Hey all,

Great to see some excellent quality trout coming out of all the rivers in Taupo and of course Turangi. The rain we had in the weekend pushed a good run through the Tauranga Taupo, Waimarino and the Tongariro. The great thing about the Tongariro is that they take a lot longer to reach the upper winter limit and so anglers have more time to pick them off.

I have been busy with the specials I am running over winter. They are attracting the Kiwi angler due to the price and this is what it was designed to do. Thanks to all who have taken me up on them it has been a pleasure to guide you.

I fished the Waimarino yesterday and was blown away by the numbers of trout sitting in this river. The low and clear water conditions made them very spooky and in the end we took off the indicator and fished that way. For the day we landed five and dropped just as many.

dscf2407The Waitahanui had a good run go through on Sunday and some very good trout were taken. I demonstrating how to fish the swirl pool to a client and had my glow bug taken before I could strip out the line I needed for the drift. We then hooked up a nice 4 pound Jack that would have been superb eating.By the way, someone helped me out yesterday by placing my keys that I had left in the door, inside my vehicle with a little note!! Thank you whoever that was, great to see that sort of thing going on. I know if it had been the Tongariro they would have stolen everything then set it on fire..

I fished the lower Hinemaiaia this morning very quickly and did well in two of the pools I fished. There is some new water that has deepened and is snag free, this will be my hot spot on this river first up!! I pulled three from this small run and then two more a little ways above. I had a disastrous year on the lower Hine last year and so it is very pleasing to see it bounce back a little.

I have heard some excellent reports in from the Tauranga Taupo this week. I would have loved to have had a go on there myself!! There should be a few trout holding in there by now and so a good packed lunch plenty of liquid and a good walk up to Rangers might be a good option soon. If the water conditions are lowish the old six weight would be a heap of fun. I love the double glow bug rig on this water.

OMG it has been cold over the past few days, the rod guides were continuously iced up yesterday until after 11.00am. This morning my temperature gauge refused to work, it just kept saying incorrect reading!!!!! Glad i’m not a builder….

So Ross from the Tonagriro River motel has finally seen the post I had on the Forum about the trophy they won, (cough cough). Nice fish Wayne shame about the hat!!, by the way Wayne when are we going to do a Recce!!!!! I have lots of water to show you. Also great to see the posts from a few of the original forum members, Budge get in contact next time you are down please man. Where is this paragraph going…. well Ross wants another contest as he agrees the last one wasn’t fair so we were thinking the end of July, who can make it for the Waitahanui team??

And Ross keeps these!!!

And Ross keeps these!!!

Caught this from the Tonagriro the other day, an excellent specimen of Tonagriro Rainbows.

Released this from the Waitahanui yesterday!!

Your average size Waitahanui Rainbow

Your average size Waitahanui Rainbow

Take care guys see you on the water.