Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 18th Of May 2012

Shane French /

May 18, 2012

Hey all,

This will be my last post for a few weeks as I have some minor surgery done to my knee. I hope to have you back up to speed with my reports ASAP. I may go stir crazy!!

So it looks like winter is going to be nasty, when it does come through. We had heaps of rain Monday and Tuesday with all the rivers South of the Waitahanui swollen. I had a friend ring and want to go fishing on the Tuesday however I couldn’t go. I think he shot into the Hine and the fact I didn’t hear anything back from him, it probably meant it was firing :) However my concern would have been the amount of water being released as we really had been smashed with rain! I was in the Hinemaiaia this morning and it was pretty nice looking, however a few anglers would have struggled with the weight you needed to get down. It was flowing strong. I couldn’t stay long but I did drive all the way up to see what the angling pressure was like. There were cars everywhere, as anglers make the most of the open season up there. Please Please Please be careful of the trout Reeds, (fish beds), they show up as a clean patch on the otherwise orange looking stones. If you step into “softish” stones and they are clean, you are probably not doing the fishery any advantages!!! To my surprise the Waitahanui was even busier with anglers. There were 5 cars under the power lines up Blake Road at  9.30 with anglers in the middle section too.

Really good fish in all the fishable rivers, from what I am seeing. There are still a few 3 pounders, (these fight like HELL) but with welcome relief, I am catching some good 4 and 5 pounders :) all the trout are strong and healthy and give a very good battle, really nice to see.

We have a strong South Westerly blowing in ATM, snow on the Kaimanawas and the main mountains. Its all good…

Have fun

Regards Shane