Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 18th Of October 2009

Shane French /

October 18, 2009

The Hook up!!

The Hook up!!

Hey All,

All the rivers have been made unfishable over the weekend with heavy rain Friday and again on Saturday. The Waitahanui will be the first to clear but got a bashing on Saturday as all the rivers south of it were in flood. Any Trout left in the good old Nui will have been well and truly Bombed.

Hopefully all rivers will be fishable by Tuesday and have a few fresh run, winter (yeah right!!) trout in them. They were all fishing very well leading up to this bout of rain.

dscf1201The Waitahanui had some monsters in it. Heaps of big trout have gone through the Nui over the past few weeks, it certainly left its run late this year.

The Hine will  dfineatly be worth a go tomorrow morning and through the day as the water , (hopefully) drops away. This river fished late last year and hopefully will be the same this time round.

Apparently the Tauranga Taupo fished like a dream on occasions leading up to this rain. If you struck it right then you had some amazing fishing. Little flash back PT’s doing a heap of damage here. There should be fresh run trout in here as the level drops off, but that might not be until Tuesday. At present it is flowing at around 0.8 and with the lake being so high, it might take an extra day to clear and drop. There should be a heap of trout up the top and it is certainly a great days fishing to rangers,,, shame about the walk back!!

OMG the Tongariro has trout above the main road bridge!!!

Lovin the job at Hunting and Fishing, heaps of little gadgets to keep me happy. Really good to see so many of you in there as well. It always makes the day go faster when I can chat about where the trout are and what got them. Really sorry I missed you again Chris, great to talk in the shop.I hope that Kevlar thread does the job. I can ship that over to you BTW.

Have a great week


What it's all about!!

What it's all about!!