Lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 18th Of October 2010

Shane French /

October 18, 2010

Hey All,

We had great weather last week and most of the South West rivers were fishable, that was up until Sunday anyway. I tried to get into the Waipunga early in the week, but the water volume was right up and it was hard going, shame as I really wanted to fish that day too!

On Sunday I took Paul to a great river just over two hours drive from Taupo. It normally holds good numbers of trout up to 6 pound but on Sunday we found the going BLOODY hard and we covered a crap load of water. Like all the New Zealand Rivers this one over the past three months has seen some VERY high water levels, and I think plenty of trout have vacated the area. Paul got busted off by Two very scrappy 3 pounders that actually beat him up pretty bad, (love watching that happen to Paul) and apart from 10 or so others it was barren! If you could see the water we fished you would understand why I sound so confused. This river is one of the most picturesque of my River repertoire. It has huge long glides, DEEP pools, pocket water and everything in between. It comes with a warning though, the going is tough, bloody tough! Its rocks and boulders make the Tonagriro look like a kiddies pool, ( I can hear Ross stroking out now!!). It is deep, fast and sometimes dangerous, these are the reasons I don’t guide on it, (just take mates, who look sick at yet another deep fast crossing) :)¬† I’ll leave this kiwi beauty alone for a month or two then go back with a plan in mind, less water and a bloody good mate!

Today I guided Vern and his young son Shaun. I noticed that the TT had received some of Sundays rain and so shot in there. I was all prepared to use small naturals but the river had a heap of colour and so out came the glo bugs and weight. We walked a wee way and then fished from the rock wall up. There were a few fresh run trout in the Tauranga Taupo today everything we hooked was silver and full of fight. The biggest landed by Shaun went just on 5 pounds, damn good fight it gave him too. The TT is looking AWESOME, the pools we fished seemed snag free and deep. It has certainly been turned over from all the high water but the river itself¬† hasn’t come off too bad.

Regards Shane