Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Guiding Report For The 19th Of August 2012

Shane French /

August 19, 2012

Hey all.

A little bit of wind with a “Westerly” in it,  would be good around now! It’s either still, or coming from the wrong direction :(

The rain we got pushed trout into all the rivers, however I found them to be in pockets and not a really good run of them. Still lots of those cloned 3 pounders too, although I heard through the grape vine that a” wet liner” pulled a bloody good Jack out of the Waitahanui on Friday.

The Waitahanui has got trout in its system, with a few big Browns starting to make their way back down from spawning. They are cool to watch as they glide slowly past with a smile on their face :) Lots of spawning trout in the uppers and although it is good to see them, catching them is rare. With all the rain we have had, the track is boggy, so watch your step! I thought the rip looked stupendous last week and that may be a go with the moon phase.

Me personally, I think the Hine is going to suffer with the winter limit being opened up to the Cliff Pool. I would suggest the reason this river has been a producer of trout, is because there was only a very short beat to fish, in winter. This obviously allows more trout to spawn, honestly its not rocket science! Between the extra unspawned trout being taken and the anglers stepping all over their reids the returning trout to spawn is going to be reduced something chronic. I wish DOC would step in a bit sooner on some matters rather than play rescue and clean up.

I was asked not to mention the stocking of the Taupo Rivers that happened 10 or so days ago. so didn’t. However the cat is well and truly out of the bag now and so will comment.

Good on you DOC for doing it. That decision I am sure was a difficult one for you to make. It is classed as a wild fishery and so stocking it sort of defeats that. In doing so you made it publicly clear there is a problem with the fishery and that you are trying different approaches. The”sit and wait and see” approach obviously wasn’t working and I guess this was the next logical step. I can’t wait to catch one of the little buggers! You probably should have made it publicly open to what you were doing as that just made you look shady!! They took the time to have public meetings on the subject in the past and so they should have had the decency to make this common knowledge, before release. I believe they were going to tell us, as lets face it when we start catching trout with fluro markings were were going to ask questions but doing it in secret was a bad call somewhere in the chain of command!! I hope its not just a “one off” as that would not be conclusive to anything. It needs to run for a few years and when it is done, it needs to be made public, yeah!! Well done anyway, as some action is better than NO action.

Now put the bloody limit back to the Road Bridge, on the Hine, before this fishery is severely compromised!

More rain on the way this week, but very little wind associated with it.

Regards Shane