Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding report For The 19th Of July 2009

Shane French /

July 20, 2009

First of the day

First of the day

Hey All,

The weekend produced some excellent trout fishing but once again these trout are moving through the smaller tributaries very quickly. I was away in the weekend and so have had to rely on my friends for advice on what happened over the weekend. I know the Waitahanui had a bloody good run go through with some fabulous trout taken and this is where I headed late this morning.

dscf0009I fished the lower section and didn’t pick a thing up, this was at 9.00 am. I picked up 5 in the middle pools, all good fat little three and a half pounders. From there I walked the upper pools. I expected a lot more up there but only hit three before Gordon Williams although I did drop a great fish at Flat bridge that should have gone 6 pounds at least, had the bugger in the net at one stage as well!!!!!! I decided that I would go up to Black Fish and see what was up there, i’m glad I did as the pool was packed with HUGE rainbows. Some of these beasts would have gone 10 pounds at least, I mean they were fantastic trout, beautiful markings and massive tails. As I got there I heard a car leave and the trout in the water were very spooky. I did briefly hook up but that was it. I should have marched it up to the limit but I was running out of play time by this stage and had to march it back to the car. Man this river has got some phenomenal trout in it.

By the way Andrew Great brown Trout, well done bro, please take all of those out before our comp.

We are going to get thumped with some rain on Tuesday night and it should bring the water levels up and push through some more trout, I have a busy weekend with guiding coming up but Wednesday and Thursday could be a good time to get out there if you have been thinking about doing it.

Take care out there on the water.

Regards Shane

Fatties like this everywhere

Fatties like this everywhere