Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding report For The 19th Of March 2012

Shane French /

March 19, 2012




Hey All,

This summer, (sorry I blinked and almost missed it) I have had plenty of requests for camp overs. There are plenty of rivers that I guide on with comfortable accommodation either by the river, or very close by, but we are talking about the true hardened enthusiast who wants to walk and camp, therefore completely getting away from civilization. Its not an easy ask without the help of helicopters or getting permission from land owners, (who have probably given lodges the rights to cross their land). Choppers are a great way to get in and out but unless you are coined up, this is not an option for many. So the other way is to drive as far as you can and then walk the rest. This summer I have had an unprecedented amount of inquiries into this. So as I am pretty much finished with the huge rush of January, Feb and March, it is time to sort these rivers out and get myself ready for next summer. I had one particular river in mind and so last weekend I decided to pack up and have a damn good look at it. The drive is a little longer than I would do for a days guide, hence I have not fished this water before, however the stories from older fisherman I have talked to, have kept up my interest on it and I knew it was only a matter of time before I explored it.

Getting onto this river was harder than I expected and even my Garmen got me lost and went very quiet,  :( but once I sorted myself out and recalled the Google Earth pictures, I was away. As it had been explained to me, the walking was fairly easy and all the crossings were safe. There were a few footprints for the first two hours of walking but they dwindled out very quickly and then it was trout heaven. Rainbows up to 5 pounds, but this river is renowned for the Browns and they can get into double figures. I hooked and got smashed by two of these and was very tempted to move up to 8 pound Fluro, however the water was low and clear and so I stuck with my standard Nymphing rig. There are some deep holes in this small to medium river and this is where I pulled the Browns. All the Rainbows were taken in the faster head waters and they were more than happy to take Cicada patterns. This river would have been MINT in February. Apparently it takes a fair amount of rain to colour it up too. I walked until about 5.00pm and then chose a good site high off the river and set up camp. I haven’t done this for a very long time and it was totally enjoyable. In the morning I broke camp, stored some gear so I won’t have to carry it in again and then set off upstream for a good look. The pools were an absolute delight to fish and there really was no sight of another human being there. At one stage I came across this little piggy, but left fairly fast as I heard Mum rubbing up against a fern, in fact the whole fern tree was swaying! This trip is now an option for anyone interested. I will add it too my guiding page for next season as I know many of my regulars will be interested. I have two other rivers that I will do the same on, over the next month.

Thank you Bob for the very kind comments on Trip Adviser, that is much appreciated man. I hope the leg is much better and that you can get over here for some winter action. Go the Sea Budgies! :)

This week in Taupo we are due for a truck load of rain. It should blow most of the rivers out at some stage but they might drop by the weekend, so if you are interested in some early run Trout, it might be a good time to be here. Angling pressure has been very low.

Have a great week and see you on the water.


Regards Shane