Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 19th Of May 20111

Shane French /

May 19, 2011

Hey All

Well I fished the majority of the past three days on both the Waitahanui and Hinemaiaia. Both have trout in them but both are fishing hard. The one good thing is that the trout coming out are in excellent condition. I have picked up trout in the 4 to 5.5 pound range in both the Hine and Nui and they fought well above that weight.

Hey I even got my licence checked at the bridge pool on the Waitahanui Tuesday morning!!!Go DOC go.

Speaking to a few people round about it seems if you get onto them then stay with them as when they are not there it can be pretty hard going with plenty of casting in between hook ups! Once again however the trout landed are nice ones.

I have decided to sell a couple of my flies over the web site. This one has been slaying them for about 5 months now and is consistently taking them in the Taupo rivers ATM. It is the only Tungsten I have used that takes trout instead of the point fly. In fact 30% of my trout are now taken on this little number.It has a red and purple body. Its name, (by one of my clients) is the “Hairy Reaper”. I can sell, in as many as you like, in size 12 and 14 Tungsten bead head, or as a point fly in size 14. Contact me for prices.

The same goes for my “”TaupoFishing” Indicators. I have in the past struggled a little with the supply issue, but have that sorted now and so if you would like to try these VERY buoyant hard to kill beauties. I dear not go near the Waitahanui Bridge pool unless I have some of these for the local boys and for me that is proff enough they work!! Again get in touch with me on these. I am trying to get a stock built up so you don’t have a wait!

Glo Bugs: God I should have been doing this one from the start!!!!! I make a nice strong Glowi using McFly Foam and Kevlar thread. I prefer large glo bugs in size 10 and 12 for the heavier water and can do most colour combinations.

On Tuesday I decided to fish the Hine. I had been told by Paul that it was hard going, but like the Nui, good fish. I went in above the bridge and into the first car park on the left. On my first cast I hooked, landed and released a good four pounder that had been in there a little while. On inspecting my line, I noticed that the loop my trace was attatched to was looking SAD, so I retied it, taking off my indicator to do so. On my second cast, the indicator fell off, as the line hit the water on the far side of a fast little run. I have had this indicator for well over two years now and to boot it was my only one at the time, I decided to give chase, downstream! Chugging away in knee deep water at 8 knots is not easy and as the indicator was in faster moving water, it was getting to the stage where I had to either give up or dive head first to get it. So I gave up. Unfortunately the 60 meter sprint downstream and the fact I was in thigh deep fast moving water had the effect of tripping me up and putting me on my back in the current. The reason I gave up the chase was because It was snaggy horrible water and I spent the next 40 seconds bouncing off submerged branches and trying not to stand up too early and get in trouble. Now two things here, one I was wearing a wading belt and breathables and two I had a raincoat over the top of these. My arms got wet from paddling but I took on VERY LITTLE water inside and was buoyant for the entire trip!! Morel to this story. Don’t chase incators in the Hine and if you do go for a swim and you have a wading belt, Don’t Panic, you wont sink!!

Take care have fun

Regards Shane