Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 20th Of April 2010

Shane French /

April 20, 2010

Hey All,

I spend most of the weekend looking after the kids but did manage to sneak out once or twice. However I have spent the last two days exploring the Taupo tribs in full. The wild windy weather that we had over the weekend and most of Monday pushed a heap of fresh trout into the Eastern side rivers.

There were some decent Rainbows in the upper Waitahanui yesterday, great to see at this time of year. From what I have seen of the other rivers the trout coming out of the Nui are the best around at the moment. We managed to foul hook a beautiful Rainbow full of eggs yesterday that would have gone five pounds, it was as fat as a whale across the back and was a real handful to get in.

Even the Tauranga Taupo had a good group of Trout go through, due to the fact the river is so low, angling pressure is minimal on here at the moment. Small Flash backs did the trick in here.

I fished the Hinemaiaia by myself this morning and found it to be patchy, that is up until I found them and then it was all on. Like the other rivers the Hine is low and clear. I had started off with a small Glowbug but quickly changed to a prince, this did the trick nicely. I had a first today, two trout in one cast! I put in a good waterload right up into a sweet little run and half way back down the indicator shot under. On the strike a VERY good Hen of about 5 pounds tore out of the water and proceeded to charge upriver at a rate of knots. at the top of the run the hook came out, ” bugger”, that was a good trout! I started to strip back in the line as my indicator drifted back down stream, half way through it shot under again and the above Jack was the end result. Two Trout One Cast, there should be a club for that!!

The quality of the trout is soooooooo much better than this time last year. I have been busted off by some very good fish so far this season, I can’t wait for a good flush through the rivers, it should be all on.

As a side note, Hunting and Fishing can send your old boots away for a re sole. I have just had a few pairs done and the end result is excellent. The price is much cheaper than buying a new pair.

Take care out there.

Regards Shane