Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 20th Of August 2010

Shane French /

August 20, 2010

Hey All,

I spent yesterday fishing the Waitahanui with Mike. We went in at the bridge and walked up to the Crescent, fishing all the water we could. After being in two fast running rivers the previous days, it was really pleasant fishing a slower, quieter river. We pulled out  5 from its waters yesterday but saw many huge rainbows in there spawning. Plenty of 6 and 7 pound trout in the Nui at the moment. Getting them to look at your offerings is another story! The Brown in the picture had been a busy boy, its tail was munted!! This went bang on 7 pounds and in top condition would have been close to double figures. I really enjoyed the Waitahanui yesterday, it was a pleasure to fish!

The Tongariro has had a mix of reports. Some say it was hard and anglers everywhere and others having a blast with limits caught within the hour! If you are not hooking up in the Tongariro at the moment then you are either not doing the right thing, or are not in the correct section of river and should think about moving. Have green and white caddis in your box along with flash backs and light coloured glow bugs. adjust weight and maybe leader length to suit the water you are fishing and try to fish water that other anglers might have over looked. Don’t try and overcast, disturbing the water and make first casts accurate. They are in there!

The river levels are dropping off a lot slower now, as the lake fills up. All the rivers will be perfect for the weekend. Unless we get more rain! I am sure there will be a plague of fisherman out there doing their thing. If you are looking for some nice big Glow Bugs for these coloured up river conditions then you can’t go past Creel in Turangi. They have fantastic colours and a very good mix of sizes. Steve loves making them too!!!

Regards Shane