Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 20th Of September 2009

Shane French /

September 20, 2009


Hey All,

Man that was a hell hectic week, but very cool!

dscf2568So basically guys all the Taupo rivers need rain again, this has been a constant theme all the way through this season. When the rivers are low the trout either disappear altogether or are sooooo spooky you get one cast on them and that is it.

I fished the Tongariro this weekend both Sat and Sunday and was very disappointed with the results. Three of us fished from Red Hut up to the Cliff Pool on the Saturday for ONE trout!!!!  I wet lined, Nymphed and then Czech Nymphed Cliff for one trout. We saw plenty of anglers and no one had a fish or had even hit a fish. We then dropped down to the Major Jones where we talked to a local angler who knows the water well. He had pulled six out of the Bridge pool of which none where take able. I was back there today and did quite a bit of the lower section down to Reids. Anglers everywhere and no one hooking up. The Tongariro is low clear and bloody hard!!

Now for a serious bitch!!! I love nature, anyone who has been guided by me will appreciate my enthusiasm with the outdoors and so I was shocked, horrified and totally PISSED OFF that some well known organization for the Tonagriro River has been given the permission to KILL all the mature, beautiful Pine trees heading up from Red Hut. They have drilled bloody holes in them and poured poison down them, wankers!! As we walked along the track to Boulder reach from the True Right we were met by the sound of chain saws and then the deafening crack of a huge pine as it was felled. We talked to the crew who were doing the work and they were baffled as to why it was done. I talked to a local Turangi guide who was fishing Boulder Reach and he thought it was to plant native trees instead. You now have a landscape that is littered with HUGE dead pines. If you stand at Boulder reach on the true right and look downstream to the Poutu pool the island that splits the river at this point is a blot on the landscape now. As these trees die their root systems will surly weaken, what will that do for erosion on this island. These trees are at some stage going to fall and make one hell of a mess. Shameful guys very very shameful!!

dscf2686On a more positive note. The Waitahanui river has had some great trout go through. This river like all the others is down on numbers for this time of year but has made up for this with some excellent specimens. There seems to be a heap of Jacks around at the moment too, these are great eating fish.

Hopefully all of Taupofishing readers understand about the access issues regarding the upper Waitahanui and the importance of parking under the power lines. Occasionally I will see a very flash vehicle parked by the Pig Pool and have been waiting now for some time for something to happen there. Well today it did. The VERY flash, black polished Ford 4WD had all four tyres popped with something very sharp. My client and I arrived to hear them hissing away and the car getting lower to the ground!!! Rat shit to the max and I really felt for the poor guy as he had been told to drive up Blake Road but had not been warned about the parking issues. Terrible way to end your day, huh.

One of the pleasures of working for Hunting and Fishing is the huge amount of product that these guys stock and can get in. They have all sorts of interesting little Nick Nacks that can make these two sports so much more fun. I spyed something the other day that I just had to try. Fogdog, (yes that’s the name) have put out a great packet beer batter. All you need to do is add one bottle of beer less one good gulp, mix well and Viola beautiful crispy beer batter that is not greasy and tastes great! I used Trout fillets, Mussels and Surimi sticks. The girls loved it and because I used Rice Bran oil it drained perfectly and so was somewhat more healthy than buying from certain takeaways. Check this product out if you get a chance, I fully recommend it!

Hope you have a great week at work.

Regards Shane