Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 21st Of April 2011

Shane French /

April 21, 2011

Hey All,

The Hinemaiaia and the Waitahanui received nice little runs last week and early into this week. All the trout I pulled either by myself or with clients were on the small side, but were fat and well fed, NO skinny fish landed. There are a few older trout in the systems that need to be flushed out with the winter rain but in general I am happy with the condition of them.

I got a fantastic Hen out of the Waitahanui on Monday that was fighting well above its weight, it just would NOT come to the net, flesh was red and there was plenty of it!

We are meant to get some crappy weather come in at the end of the week, so early next week should be good. I am going to have a look at the TT next week and I am really looking forward to that as it has changed so much.

Last week a good friend and I went into the Waipunga, down by the Mohaka. I know this area got a smashing from the floods in late December early January. The road following the Waipunga on SH5 took a beating with land slides and cave In’s, but it is the Waipunga river itself that is most distressing. It got destroyed, short and simple. I was horrified at the destruction that was wrought on this beautiful river. Whole pools have been taken out and the great scenery has been destroyed as the banks have been scored clean and the debris is everywhere. We went in about 9 days after some rain had gone through the area and although the Mohaka was gin clear and low, the Waipunga was coloured up and unfishable! There are obviously many slips unknown in this river system and any rain coming down will discolour it quickly. Damn!!! :(    I hope it bounces back for next summer.

Out on the Lake, Western Bays is apparently fishing very well, with good numbers of trout in good condition.

Regards Shane