Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 21st Of January 2011

Shane French /

January 21, 2011

Hey all,

Wow this season has been up and down. The weather is playing hell with my guiding and I know i’m not the only one suffering. Due to the rain we had early in the week, all the rivers (except the Waitahanui) were unfishable. The Hinemaiaia was almost fishable but it would have been very hard going in there on Wednesday. So that left the Nui! There are a few Rainbows in there and with the Westerly winds thumping in there over the early part of the week, it pushed a few more in. There are a few Browns in there as well but due to the colour of the water, (yeah it dirtied up) I didn’t manage to spot many.

The Tonagriro should have a few more trout willing to take now the levels have dropped off. I have always found at this time of year that brown caddis work, (Dutch CDC), after a flush! I know Creal have a great selection of these so pop in and buy up large!

I was talking to an old timer the other day and he gave me a piece of information that I have to keep to myself. We were talking about rip fishing and the Browns that cruise in at this time of year. He casually mentioned a name of an area but carried on without any more on the subject. It was only after I bought it back up that I saw the sparkle in his eyes!! So after some map drawing in the sand and a promise of not to take anyone there I shot over there last night! These are two of the monsters I landed and I put back six others. I was busted off by something that hurt my arm on the strike and peeled me off into my backing on the first run. I freaked out a little and so locked down and the line parted fairly quick. I had been struggling with wind knots, (due to the wind, not my casting :( ) and I think this was the cause. Anyway Bert, many thanks dude, I really appreciated the advice. The bottom Brown went 6.5 pounds and the top one 7. Both were in fantastic condition and are being cured as I write this.

Regards Shane