Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 21st Of November 2011

Shane French /

November 21, 2011


Hey All,

What a wild week it has been, I have fished everywhere, both local and far afield, all with good success.

For me the Waitahanui has been the best pick of the rivers, not only does it have actively Feeding Trout in it, but also it is sheltered from this hideous wind we are receiving at the moment! It will be good to get a little bit of rain over the next few days as predicted as we might just get a last dash of fresh run trout into the Taupo rivers. This photo says it all and is one of the main reasons I guide, happiness personified :)

Last Saturday I dragged Paul out onto a back country river I fished early in the season, it was tough then and it was really tough on Saturday. I took in the video with me and not the camera as this water is trophy stuff and I was hoping I might get Paul onto something decent. After watching him for some time camera ready I decided to have a go myself and send him further downstream. I decided after about twenty casts that I needed to get down deeper as the water was VERY deep and a little bit swirly. On my first cast I hooked and landed on my 5# a 8.3/4 pound Hen. Wow what a fight, this is by far the biggest trout I have hooked in a river and landed for some time, being on a 5# made it that little bit special. Unfortunately even with all the screaming and arm waving Paul did not make it back up to video my fish. I have some footage that I will put on this week, once Steven gets here and takes it off the disk. God what a monster!!!!

Today I shot over to the Mohaka area and fished a small river I have there. It got smashed last year in December and was not worth going back in last season. I had fished this about three weeks ago with my boy, but again the water was quite high and we got skunked, today however was a different story and I did quite well, hooking and landing 6 trout in the 4 pound range for the morning, I went through the water quite fast too. All my trout today were spotted and cast to, this is by far the most fun trout fishing :)

So there are plenty of options out there at the moment, our biggest problem is the wind and the cold that it brings. Some nice hot still days will see the insects hatching and the fish feeding a bit closer to the surface.

Take care and have fun on the water.

Regards Shane French