Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22 Of February 20010

Shane French /

February 22, 2010


Hey All,

We have finally had a decent spell of hot weather. The stuff we received a week ago almost put and end to the Cicada hatches, they went very quiet there for a while.

p2160007I have managed to get on most of the Taupo tribs except the Tauranga Taupo. If I was going to fish this river it would either be up the top off kiko Road, or down the bottom from the SH1 bridge up to the rock wall, (one KM above power lines). This water is fairly deep with plenty of snags for them to shelter amongst. Dry fly is worth a go!

The Hinemaiaia has a stack of browns just up from the lake, first thing in the morning for these, small weighted nymphs, tiny indicator and bloody accurate casting. Walking up this river during the day is good for the soul. Keep in the back of your head there are some good fresh trout lurking in here.

I fished the upper pools of the Waitahanui last week as well. there is a good mix of fresh Rainbows in there as well as the occasional Brown. I was surprised not to see as many Browns in there as this time last year but might do a good walk on there this week and have a better look. The Rainbow we hooked up on was in excellent condition and dealt to my client all over the place, finally busting him off under a bank. If I don’t get to fish this water for a month or two and then go back to it, I am amazed at its beauty all over again. At least there are no huge stands of DEAD trees everywhere! Yip still not over it.

p2200006I am currently having a bloody blast back country. I stumbled onto some water the other day and it is full of rainbows up to 10 pounds and the odd Brown even bigger. My client hooked into a true trophy today but in the environment we were casting in and the fact he was using a 5 weight, the outcome was fairly one sided. We had a plan in place for IF it took the dry and were confident it would, but when it actually came up and sipped it in, the reality of what was going to happen dawned on both of us at the same time. I almost got the net to him but JUST missed the bulk of his weight and he then proceeded to beat the S%#t out of us. Mike and I stood there giggling away for a few moments. Due to the Proximity of this water I think I am the only angler fishing it, but don’t want to thrash it. Add to that it is for EXPERIENCED anglers only!! No photos available sorry as Mike dropped everything today, (smile).

p2160005I have done a heap on the Whanganui over the past ten days and am absolutely stuffed. Some good fishing is to be had on this awesome river with the dry fly taking most of the trout now. There were a heap of bikers and quads in there over the weekend but as usual most of them couldn’t find the water. Getting into the national forest is one thing, getting down to the water is another.

I am out this Wednesday for myself. I have been looking at an area close to Taupo for some time now that apparently is VERY under fished and under-rated. I have done the research and now comes the fun part finding the access and fishing it. Apparently it has some HUGE browns lurking in there, but is not for the faint hearted.

So hopefully I will have some news for the middle of the week.

Until then, tight lines