Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22 Of September 2009

Shane French /

September 22, 2009


Hey All.

If you want to catch trout then it is either the upper Waitahanui or the Tongariro below the bridge. The TT and the Hinemaiaia are low and clear. There are trout above the cliff pool on the Tauranga Taupo but it is VERY low and clear as of today and the trout are super spooky. Same with the Hinemaiaia.

Small Glo Bugs on the Tongariro first thing in the morning are doing a good job and the good old Waitahanui is doing well at that time of the day as well. We need rain!!!

Ross actually came into Hunting and Fishing yesterday to talk to me about the pine tree devestation on the Tongariro. He then made the mistake of sending me the information that these twats have based their killing spree on. Bloody hell Ross did you actually read what you sent me????!!!!!!!!!

Apparently the Pines WERE killed because these short sighted wankers want to restore the area to natural Fauna. They have stated however that it will take 5 years for the trunks to ROT and break down. It has clearly been explained that Cutting them down is too dangerous and will cause more damage dropping them and be a fire hazard, so they have to leave them to rot, (standing up). Ross has a great aerial picture of them on his web site and it clearly shows the number that have been destroyed!!! These mammoth trees lie RIGHT on the banks of the Poutu and Waddles pool area. If they are not drooped and are left to ROT, (FFS) they will surly fall into the river, (in a storm )and cause untold problems,if not destroy pools and whole sections of the river, down to Red Hut. That whole isolated  island is ONE huge pine tree section, they have destroyed it!!

This approach has also been taken on the Hinemaiaia, and was explained to me the other day that it was done to stop trees falling into the river. MY GOD has anyone involved in this BS walked the upper Hine???!!!! The only trees that block this river are Kanuka, you know Natives!!!!!

So yes, I await “”Ross the great”” explanation as to why they have destroyed the senery of his famous well loved Tonagriro and why he supports them!!!

What I would have done:

Set up a cheap program to pull any new pines and to clear areas that could be planted into native, co existing with the mature pines that have grown there supporting the banks and ground for more than 35 years. Maybe drop some of the pines that COULD cause a hazard to the river or to the tracks. These trees have been there longer than MOST of you have been fishing, and should have had the respect to live out their lives, until they caused an issue.

I was concidering belonging to this Tongairio orgainsaision but in the wake of what I have seen, it would be a cold day in hell before that ever happens!!