Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22nd Of April 2010

Shane French /

April 22, 2010

Hey All,

I have had my eye on a particular river system for quite some time now and have been meaning to get out there and suss it out for guiding options as well as just to have a days play. Well today I did it, and wow what a river it is. Some of you might recognize these photo’s but it is quite hard to get to and for that reason angling pressure is low. I saw no tracks what so ever and once I got away from the car park,(if that’s what it could be called) the trout were more than happy to scoff down my Nymphs. I was pulling two or three trout out of the holes I choose to fish, walking past some fairly delectable water in the process! I must have hooked up into at least 15 trout in the 2 pound range and these were HARD fighters that really tested me. They used every dirty trick I have come across. I also got dealt to by two or three very heavy trout that I just never got to see. I managed to land three like the fish in the top photo and these were an absolute mission, having someone there with a net would have been a BIG bonus! The river bed was a little tricky at times and I have a bruise on my left knee where I tried to follow a torpedo downstream and came unstuck on a big submerged rock. Not a good thing to happen when you are three KM’S from the car and all by yourself!

This river is going to be Awesome for my guiding next year as it is perfect for the dry fly as well.

Regards Shane