Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22nd Of April 2012

Shane French /

April 22, 2012


Hey all,

It’s been a busy week with one thing or another, but because of this I have managed to fish a few Systems and talk to quite a few anglers on the water.

The second week of the school holidays proved a bit harder than the first, fish wise, although if you were out there for the beauty of it all then this week has been a cracker!

All the rivers are low and clear at the moment and with the added angling pressure the trout have been a bit spooky. You have really needed to think outside the box, or get in early, onto your favorite pools.

I have been getting plenty of calls and emails about the Rip fishing and at this stage if you wanted fresh hard fighting fish, this would be your best bet. The heave and leaves on the change of light, (both ends) will see you in action and you can’t beat the Green Woolly Bugger during the day. I would also have red, green and yellow Rabbits in the box as well. I get asked about what type of line I prefer and for that question, it is a type three sinking line from Scientific Anglers, (Grey line), this is a full bodied sinking line and you can use this with a short trace, (heave and Leave’s, Bobbies) or a wet fly, (longer leader) for the Waitahanui drop off and Tongariro down stream method. Me personally, I hate shooting heads! I couldn’t imagine fishing one of those, (tangles waiting to happen) lines, in the dark….. There are some good fish out there.

I went down to the Turangi Trout Center on Thursday with my girls after school class. I haven’t been here for about two years and man what a difference! They have a GREAT aquarium display of the giant Kokopu, Bullies and eels. The whole place has had a big face lift and was really good. I fully recommend it! At the end of the tour the class of about 20 kids got to have a go in the kids pool. They all got to fight a feisty trout, (look at the water streaming off the line as the trout ran) and the look on some of their faces said it all.

I had some business over in Rotorua on Wednesday and so after that I had a good look at the Ngongotaha. I had a brain freeze and deleted all the pics I took of the river and fish :(  I’m a bit pissed at that because there were some MONSTERS in there. They obviously hadn’t seen anything like the Hairy reaper before as it took trout all the way through the beat I was on. I was well and trully under gunned with my 5# and was totally smashed by a few of the bigger trout. This is a snaggy hideous little river but man are there some fish in there. I would love to give it a go when a fresh run goes through and the water level is up a wee bit.

I was on the quads a few times this week and did two sections, (the two shortest). First off was Wally, from the Tipsy Trout in Kinlock. This old Pirate did a great job and we quickly lost count on trout numbers hooked up. We dropped a few fish this day that would have been over 7 pounds, so many in fact that when I went back in there yesterday, I took my 8# and used 8 pound Fluro as my leader. Graham got trout from every pool except one, all on the Reaper, he did a brilliant job of dropping the Nymph in the right place and because of that we did well!

The long range weather forecast said we were going to have a warm settled April and so far they have been smack on the money. The next bout of rain is a week or so away from us but I bet when we get it, the trout will run in numbers. I am really looking forward to this season.

Regards Shane