Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22nd Of June 2010

Shane French /

June 22, 2010

Hey All,

I put a big day into the Waitahanui today, walking from the main Rd Bridge and fishing it hard right up to the snag pool, in the upper reaches. I was astounded by the lack of trout in there. Not only did I not get a strike all day but I didn’t see any of the buggers either!! I thought with the strong on shore wind and the extra water in there, (fantastic colour) the river should have been swarming with them. Not a bloody touch!!! There is a small trout fishing competition being held on the Waitahanui this coming weekend and they should be praying for a good run to fill its pools up, otherwise it is going to be freaking hard going.

The Waitahanui has had a bashing from anglers over the past month, as all, or most of the other rivers have been un fishable due to the rain. The tracks on the Nui are fairly muddy and you can tell it has seen some people. Apparently a group of trout went through, (bloody fast), yesterday but they are well gone by now! On my way back to the car I stopped at the bridge pool and believe it or not there were NO locals there. Whats more the Westerly was pumping in. Now I haven’t fished the Bridge pool for a number of years and so I couldn’t resist. Hehe I felt a little naughty too, fishing the mighty bridge pool. Alas like the rest of the river it sucked!!! Man I hope this river gets a run of Trout.

The upper reaches above the gold fish bowl can be full of trout and for the most they get left to them selves up there. The river is narrow, fast and tricky to fish. The TRUE winter limit is a long way up and if you know the secret little holes up there it can be a neat place to fish. Some huge trout make their home up there and they can be great fun to deceive.

The Waitahanui in my opinion is the most technical river in the Taupo region to fish. Mending, Water Loading, Roll casting and good line control are all required on the Waitahanui if you are to fish its waters correctly and with good success. It is a river that has almost forgotten what a wet fly looks like. This method used to be the preferred method on the Nui before Nymphing came along. Some of the water in the Nui is just begs to have a Green Woolly bugger retrieved up through. Having a Waitahanui trout smash a wet and then plough downstream is quite a buzz!! I really enjoy guiding on the Nui as most of my clients get a great deal of information and come away with some new skills to play with.

Apart from that, the Waitahanui is just a magic place to be. Very peaceful with Native all the way down to the waters edge. Pools and glides to die for and the ever real chance of hooking into a true Nui Scrapper. This River is a Jewel!!

Even without a touch all day, it was a pleasure to fish.

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Regards Shane