Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22nd Of June 2012

Shane French /

June 25, 2012

Hey all,

I got rung the other night by a client who wanted to know my thoughts on what is happening on the Braids, (Tongariro River), I was like what! So this morning I took a drive down to see for myself, parking in what used to be the plank pool. Good grief what a bloody mess. Who’s hair brained ridiculous plan is that and why???? I got told that it was because the Tongariro Lodge was worried about bank erosion and flooding, although I find it difficult to believe they would have that much clout to have the whole God Damn river course altered! What a disgusting mess, I am sure Ross will be stroking out on this and rightfully so. This has got to have a MAJOR impact on the running trout. I mean apart from all the silt and crap going down stream, the noise from the diggers and bulldozers would stop anything going up stream, it sure as hell put me off. Bain Pool has gone, you wankers!! “Grow a pair DOC and stop this crap from happening”, was the first thought that came to mind. If it needed doing, could they have not negotiated a better time in the year than the Winter Run? Stop worrying about the Bloody Cat Fish and stick up for our fishery!

Tonagriro is fishing Hard, Wonder why!!

The Waiotaka was dropping fast and has seen a heap of angling pressure. The banks have been flattened down and walking is somewhat easier than it was at the start of the season. Its a good idea to get in there when the water levels are low and suss out those snags, remember the deep holes and then go back when the water level is up and fish those. Its a nice little stream and can be excellent when the Tongariro is being pummeled by anglers.

I fished the Waimarino the other day and was surprised at the devastation this river has had over the winter. Lots of the pools in the middle and upper section have either gone or have silted right over. This means there is very little holding water to be had and the trout are moving through fast. I pushed myself on this river, (and felt it the next day too) but got all the way to the Winter Limit. It was hard going but I did manage to hook a few. The Kaimanawa Horses were out there to say hello to me as well and even let me feed them some apple.

The Tauranga Taupo  had come up again in volume but was dropping fast. I did a small section and pulled trout all the way through. I was using plenty of weight though as the current was really pushing. I ended up using a longer leader as well, to keep my Glo Bug down. This is not an easy rig to throw but once you get the hang of it your catch rate will improve. I was the only one on the TT this morning, something which is rare.

The Hinemaiaia has had a pummeling from anglers over the season and I have to say at this stage it is my river of choice. Some good trout have come out of there and a lot more lost. the only issue would be the pressure it gets.

I haven’t heard anything from the Waitahanui but the wind is screaming in there at the moment, so it might be a good place to spend an afternoon or early morning.

I believe Green Stone Tackle  in Taupo still have that great special going on the waders and boots, (breathables) and they also have some excellent deals going with CD Rods. Get in there and check them out.

I have been really slack with my recipe page and will start doing this a bit more. My web site is about to get another face lift, with the forums being reinvented and a few more things as well. Here is a simple but really tasty way to make smoked trout go a little further.

Regards Shane