Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 23 Of March 2012

Shane French /

March 23, 2012



Hey All,

I have had a blast in all the rivers over the past few days. The Tauranga Taupo level had a little blip in it and so I shot in nice and early to have a look. Man did this area get a pasting from the wind earlier in the week. heaps of trees, Branches and debris, everywhere. Great hard fighting fish too! The Waimarino was quite different, it was high and coloured. I fished it today as it was dropping and got skunked big time on it, not a touch! Same on the Waiotaka. This nice little stream needs the True right bank cut back to some degree, someone is going to break an ankle on that ground, the track is totally overgrown.

Didn’t fish the Tongariro.

Both the Hinemaiaia and the Waitahanui have trout in them and both have had huge trees come down and block tracks and paths. Watch out if you are on these rivers and there is any wind. Some of the Branches ready to come down would kill you.

The Trout I have pulled this week are showing promise for a great winter season. They are fighting pounds above their weight and I have resorted to using my TiCRx 7# to slow them down. I got smashed by some grumpy big trout yesterday and won’t go back in under powered again.

have a safe weekend I hope you manage to get some fishing in.


Regards Shane