Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 23rd Of February 2011

Shane French /

February 23, 2011

Hey All

First up, I hope none of the Taupo Fishing Readers have been effected by the Christchurch Earthquake. What an emotional roller coaster that one, must be. Brendon, I hope you are ok mate!!

I have spent the past two weeks going over much of my guiding water. Some have not been effected to badly, while others will be unfishable for a few years :(    All of them however have changed in some way. The Mohaka area got a right royal bashing, this is the second time in as many years. The fishery will have taken a bit of a cull and numbers may be low for a wee while. It has been a FAIL of a summer, I think most of the Cicadas drowned before they could mate!

In saying so, there are some bright spots on the horizon. No guesses where these pictures have come from, many of you will know. This fishery has not suffered like the rest and the trout are in spectacular condition and fighting fit. I have some video footage that I need my Son to work on and then I will post it. The fight was one of the best I have ever had in my life, made extra special by being in a magical  place. My Kilwell Innovation 5# was really put to the test. We landed a good mixture of Rainbows in both Hen and Jack with the odd big arsed Brown thrown in on the dry. An unbelievable day full of great memories.

So yeah not all doom and gloom!

I picked up a fantastic Rainbow Hen in the Tonagriro last week. If the majority of the trout are like this or better, we are going to have a freaking good winter. It was solid and about 48cm. My client Mike, who is a very good fisherman fought hard with his 6# to control and then land this angry fish. We dropped a Brown but then that was pretty much it!! The Tonagriro like all the other Taupo Tribs needs a bit of a trout top up from the floods. I heard through the Grape Vine that Andrew Christmas was seen crying at the Stag Pool because it changed. It’s ok mate, it’s just one pool, the way you fish they aren’t safe anywhere :)

Did I mention that the Rip fishing is good!! (oops just made a few enemies there). If they aren’t in the rivers they must be in the lake and being summer, (crap one that it is) they will hang around the cold water river mouths. I passed the Waitahanui at about 8.00pm last night and there must have been 15 people there. However due to the way the rip is flowing out of the river, it is running along the beach. Go find a nice cold spot down from the crowd and fish it carefully. Green woolly buggers and the such during the day and dark for the night. The Browns are lurking!!!!

There are good numbers of trout coming out of the lake at the moment and although the size is down, the condition is very good. I have seen this for myself and heard it from many good boat anglers. Imagine if the Gene pool has changed and they only breed short fatties. I can see Ross clutching at his chest now and writing to DOC, complaining. Good man keep them honest!!!!

Be safe, have fun.