lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 23rd Of February 2012

Shane French /

February 23, 2012



Hey all,

I think we just had summer!

Yesterday I shot into the Hinemaiaia for a bit of a look see. The plan was to fish the river in the morning and then spend the afternoon fishing the rip. I used a dry and dropper on the river with my 5#. At one stage a good 4 pound Jack did a fantastic take on the dry and proceeded to beat the hell out of me for the next 5 minutes. A 5# is no match for a grumpy trout in the section I was on. The dropper accounted for most of my trout but the occasional good dry take was had. I came away empty handed but happy. I didn’t notice any smolt, but they may have moved up the food chain, or become the food chain :)  . One thing is for sure there are heaps of little fellows in there.

So from there to the Rip.

Looked great, but my intermediate was snagging the bottom so a floater would be the go here. certainly if there was little flow you would want a floater. Three of us fished it for three hours and got one each, two were not good trout. In fact mine was reminiscent of 4 years ago. Thin in the tail and ready to spawn!! I was told to settle down by Chris who assured me those are few and far between. Trust me to get the ugly fish! I didn’t realize the time and had to pick the kids up so bolted, however I enjoyed the Rip fishing so much that I concocted a plan to go out again last night!

The plan was to start down near Turangi and work my way back towards Hatepe. My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when I passed the Waitahanui Rip and it was empty of anglers and looking Oh So Good!! No, stick to the plan I thought! I noticed as I came down Hatepe hill that the trees were moving a wee bit and so stopped in at the Rip there. A North Easterly had come up and everything on that side was blown out. One poor guy was trying to fish it but seriously it was toast! Gaaahhhh back to the Nui! It was still empty…. I had a floating line and intermediate sink tip on and so needed to change that, as I like to get down on the Waitahanui Rip, so I put on a type 4 full bodied sinking line, and a Green Woolly Bugger. As you said Craig, it was pretty hard going, right up until 11.45, when all hell broke loose. I managed to keep two good Jacks around the 3.5 pound mark and had a great time but it was Wet, cold and hard work at times with the cross wind.

All the rivers should have a few trout go through them after this rain and wind that we are having. Wow winter fishing in February!

Regards Shane