Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 23rd Of July 2010

Shane French /

July 23, 2010

Hey All,

I hard start to the week for most rivers, but it will end with a small burst of trout due to the rain we had yesterday morning.

The River to be on if you wanted to watch the indicator drop would have been the Hinemaiaia. Although the trout are a little dark at the moment there are a heap in there. I’ve mentioned it a few times now and will continue to do so. WATCH THE REEDS there are hundreds of them above the Bridge and each one is potentially full of eggs!!!!! I guided Phill from Australia this week and part of the deal was to get him onto trout using his 4#. The Hine was the river of choice and we manged to do it with relative ease, once he had mastered a few tricks. We had a good laugh at one stage as he hooked up into a good trout and got “”smashed”” all over the place, never in control of this feisty Taupo spawner.

The TT felt empty when I fished it yesterday and so I didn’t stick around there to long. The rip has been a bit slow too apparently!

The Tongariro was crap early in the week and needs a good flush to boot. We hooked up into a few trout there but it was VERY hard going!! What was nice to see where some good looking fish off Red Hut Bridge.

The Waitahanui has trout trickling through and once again these are the best looking trout in the Taupo system. I saw what looked like a 8-9 pounder come out of the cliff pool early on in the week and the angler said he had lost a bigger one straight after he landed the Hen. His eyes were still “”Wired”” from the fight he had.

As I say all the rivers should have had a small push of trout go through so enjoy your weekend fishing.

Regards Shane