Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 24th Of August 2011

Shane French /

August 24, 2011



Hey All,

We need some rain, however we should be careful of what we wish for at the moment with the extremes in weather as I am sure when it does come it will be torrential!  All the rivers are low and clear at the moment and that is making it a bit difficult for many anglers. When conditions are like this you can really drop the rod size, indicators and Nymphs right down to summer fishing style. Fluro comes into its own, as does little flash backs and things that sparkle. I still use Glo bugs but it is normally in the morning and then I change over to naturals from 10.30 onwards. Of course if I am not getting hits on naturals, I will turn back to the glowies just in case. :)

The Waitahanui has had some good fish come out of the rip, (yes you were right Ralph) and I believe the next good blow we get there should be a nice run go through here. September on the Nui has always been my favorite month. I have fished this a little bit over the past two weeks and pulled trout each time, both on Glow bugs and naturals. Some of the Hens are really full of eggs and the eggs are large. I took one of these home with me last week as I needed the eggs for a dish I make. The flesh of the trout was bright red and the eggs were beautiful once dressed and put on crustini with a dollop of creme frache. We made Sushi and Sashimi for the girls.

The Hine has probably been the pick of the rivers and you just don’t know when a run is going to go through. Again first thing in the morning is best here. I can’t say it enough, please watch the spawning beds if you are walking the river!!

The TT is well overdue for some rain and when it gets it, that would be the river I fish. Apparently the rip is fishing well, this tells me there should be a run holding up off there ready to go. The TT is well worth a look though, its just you will really have to be at your best to pick them up.

Not too sure about the Tongariro, ill leave that up to Ross to bull shit his way through that :)

It has certainly been a season of ups and downs but in general the condition of trout has vastly improved and I am looking forward to getting out next month and stretching my shoulder.

Just a little side note. I love my Seafood and so it has been with much pleasure that I found Adam from Hawke’s Bay Seafoods a few months ago parked at 2 mile bay. He has a small truck all decked out with fridges and has FRESH seafood bought over daily from Napier. This is really fresh food guys and at a fantastic price, so look out for the truck, pop in and say hello and grab some of his wonderful fresh food. I just tried his Hapuka wrapped in Filo pastry and pine nut pesto, OMG to die for!!

be safe on the water

Regards Shane