Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 24th Of July 2012

Shane French /

July 24, 2012

Hey all,

And the rain keeps coming down!

I have managed to fish a few of the Taupo river over the past couple of days, with mixed results.

The Waitahanui has had a bit of pressure as most of the other rivers have been high.That means the well known pools or easy access parts have had a flogging and the trout that are trying to spawn or moving up are a little spooky. I had to pull out a few sneaky spots late this morning to catch the trout at top picture.

The Hinemaiaia has had a bit of pressure too and it has also changed somewhat from the high water going down. The straight has had numerous trees fall in and the extra volume has deepened a few holes. All up the Hine looks good from the Bridge down, although the track has been washed away!!! Upstream there is new water to explore and some of my favorite stuff has changed too. I was on there this morning and pulled a heap from the middle reaches but they were all sort of fat spawning Hens and so were released. Once again parts of the track up there have been washed out.

The Tauranga Taupo was rising yesterday when I had a look at it. Man this has changed, I will need to spend a good day getting to know this river again, what a shame. It is dropping now and should have numbers of Trout throughout :)

The rain is meant to ease off a little from tomorrow and all the rivers should be in great nick for the weekend.

Regards Shane