Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 24th Of May 2010

Shane French /

May 24, 2010

Hey All,

What can I say, we are having one of the best starts to the season I can remember. Yes the weather is lending a hand with rain and wind but the overall condition of the trout in ALL the rivers is fantastic. Every time I go out I am landing trout in the 4 to 6 pound range. It is GREAT fun!!

Yesterday I guided an American tourist who wanted to see what Taupo had to offer. It had been on his tick list for years and he had even gone to a two day Orvis fly casting school to prepare for this. I decided to start with the Hinemaiaia as I have about a dozen spots on this river that are producing all the time for me. We picked up trout immediately and although they had been in the river a wee while they pulled hard and gave a good show. The Hinemaiaia has a heap of pressure on it at the moment with the crew from up North once again making their annual pilgrimage down here to fish it. If you poke around however there is still a heap of water to play in. From there we shot back to the Waitahanui and did the uppers. In one little fast run that Paul told me about, (go0d on ya mate) I spyed a good Brown sitting on the far side in some slower water. It was a little hard to tell what size it was but I was thinking about 8 pounds, (it was side on to me). What I did notice is that it was FRESH, silver Brown. My man put up the perfect water load, (I mean this was perfect), as soon as the Nymphs hit the water this Brown looked at them,moved up fast and opened its gob. It was then that I realized just how WIDE this beast was. My 8 pounds immediately went to 12 and that was being conservative, it was freaking huge and it had the Nymphs in its mouth. Then the impossible happened it spat them before we could set the hook, even though I was jumping up and down on the spot trying to say “”strike””. There are some BIG trout in the Nui guys!!!!

Like the rest of the North Island we are getting some good rain. All the rivers are up in volume at the moment. I was late on getting out today as I had some chores to do first. The lower Tauranga Taupo is where I planted myself today and I had a blast. I landed far to many trout to count and all of them were take-able. The Hen at the top of the report went just under 6 pounds, look how short it is!!! My scales are accurate as well. I ended up taking two Jacks home with me as I was after food today. The trout pasta was a roaring success with my girls, and incredibly fast to make. I will put it on the recipe section for you to have a look at.

I am fully booked up next week but have the rest of this working week free. I would say that Wednesday and Thursday will be some of the best fishing available, once the rivers drop a bit. I love guiding in these conditions and so could probably be persuaded to drop my price to get you out. Otherwise I am going to have to do it myself, (sigh).

Regards Shane