Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 25th Of April 20110

Shane French /

April 25, 2010

Hey All,

Another fantastic week in Taupo for the start of the Winter season. I had to drop some brochures off down in Turangi and so decided to shoot in to the Tongariro while I was there and see if I could pull a few. The deep run that I choose to fish looked great and as there were no cars in the parking area I thought I might have been the first in there. For the first time in a long time I had my 8# Kilwel SAS with me as I though I might have to throw a little bit of weight. I choose two bead head Nymphs on a tapered leader, ending in 6 pound fluro. This is my standard rig for when I am serious about taking trout. I had tied in a surgeons knot 8 inches above the dropper in case I needed to add split shot.

Starting at the tail I slowly and methodically worked my way up fishing in close and moving out with my casts. I had covered half of the run when I decided to add one piece of split shot. The water was a little faster at this stage and I knew there had to be trout there and wondered if I was drifting above them. Guess what! First cast and I was into a solid four pound Hen that really surprised me with its power, I had a great fight for well over five minutes, it fought well above its weight range. From there to the head of the run I pulled another four trout all in the same weight range, all silver and all giving a hell of a scrap! There was a small run a little further up and so I decided to have a go at this as well. I pulled two good trout from here one of them taking me out onto my backing down into the the run belowe, that hasn’t happened for a long time for me on the Taupo tribs!!! All up I was on the water for just over one hour and hooked up into 7 good fish.

Yesterday I again guided Mike from Wellington. He is a regular client of mine and this time he wanted something different, I normally take him into the Whanganui on the quads. The river I choose has been fishing well all season, however by the amount of footprints in the sand when we got down to the water, half of NZ had been there too. Mike is a fit bugger and so the decision was made to high tail it up the top to get away from the obviously well fished water. Once we started to get onto the trout it was two or three per hole. There was a great mixture of Browns and Rainbows up to 4.5 pounds although Mike got bashed by two that would have easily cleared that figure, (he can fish too). It was by far one of the best days guiding I have had this season and I didn’t want the day to end. It didn’t take long to reach the car and a short drive back to Taupo from there. The back country stuff is in the final stages of the season, the trout are fat, well feed and happy to scoff down nymphs. If you would like to try your hand at this, catch some superb fighting fish in amazing scenery, then get in touch with me, it is not to late yet.

Regards Shane